circuit board

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  1. NC Wood Art

    Wanted Want to buy

    Ok I am looking for several things: Black circuit board blanks in 3/8" tube Navy Blue Cigar Circuit board blank Buckeye Burl need mostly all dark grey with no blonde sapwood Interested in most any burl as long as its loaded with eye burl.
  2. NC Wood Art

    Wanted 3/8" black circuit board blanks

    I have every color of sierra and cigar circuit board blanks and I am in need of some of the black 3/8" tubed. I can even use just 1 shorty 2-1/2" long if anyone can help. Willing to trade for or buy outright.
  3. NC Wood Art

    Wanted dark blue PCB circuit board blanks

    I am in need of some of these real circuit board pcb blanks that are the dark blue. I have all the other colors except the dark blue. I will buy outright or trade other blanks I have for some of this specific color. I also have some of the cigar blanks that I could trade.
  4. P

    Circuit Board Blank Distinctive Cracks

    I hope this is in the right thread but as you can see this blank i bought from penn state industries and if my knowledge is correct if i would of turned this it would of exploded or got bad stuff happening to it i just wanted to show these to future buyers of this blank i dont think its supposed...
  5. Rolandranch

    Circuit Board Steampunk

    This pen didn't last very long. The first person that saw it bought it. I have been trying to find a way to make the blanks myself but am not sure where to get paper thin circuit board. Tell me what you think of it.
  6. rkimery


    [/ATTACH][/ATTACH] I've been making pens for a while. About 10(?) years or so. Kids moved out, I am "semi retired". I've been getting up on Christmas Day for the past 5+ years and turning a new pen. Is this an addiction or what?! A nice box of components rolled in Tuesday and after putting my...
  7. Crashmph

    Circuit Board USB Keychain???

    I was in my local Woodcraft in Springfield, VA last night. They get there shipments on Wednesday so that is a good day to see new stuff. Well they just received some bushings for a "Circuit Board USB Keychain." I have never heard of one and none of the guys working there had either. We got...
  8. bmac

    Some new pens

    Finally got around to making some pens in the last few days. Some were cast pens that I have been wanting to try and then I made some pens for Freedom Pens. The cast pens are a circuit board blank from Woodcraft, a cast straw blank that I have had for a long time, but never got around to...
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