carbide inserts

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  1. Hartwell85

    How do you know when the carbide insert is dull?

    I would like to know how other members determine when their carbide cutter is dull and time for rotation. Sometimes I think my cutter is dull but I am hesitant to rotate it to a new area because time in use has been very short. I heard that hours of use is one method but that can vary depending...
  2. R

    Introduction to AZ Carbide

    AZ Carbide is a dealer in carbide cutters for the turning world. Our selection of cutters is one of the largest of any dealer. Most of our square cutters are $ 6.50 and our rounds are $ 11. We also sell in 20 pack and the price of square 10 packs is $ 50 and rounds $ 90 All cutters come...
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