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  1. V

    Amethyst Maple Burr

    I made a pen like this a while ago and it was reviewed by a well known pen collector on YouTube. Thankfully he gave it a favourable review and I subsequently received many requests for a similar pen. Of course my reaction was to make anything other than this pen. I know that may sound strange...
  2. S

    Burr Elm Fountain Pen & a question

    Hi All, Turned my first fountain pen and I'm pretty happy with the results. Burr elm, with the burr voids filled in with gold paint. Sanded back to 400, then waxed. I have a question. I showed this to a friend of mine who writes with a fountain pen and he liked it, but said he'd prefer if the...
  3. jbeyer

    Pen Assembly

    Hey guys, I was assembling a Majestic Jr. pen today and it reminded me to ask you guys a question. How do you deal with the black insert that goes into to the cap? Whenever I put it in there are these little black shavings that come off and get stuck between the blank and the centerband...
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