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  1. jpford

    Black Titanium Majestic in Buckeye Burl

    Turned this today, had it for a while and couldn't decide on blank. Finally chose a stabilized Buckeye Burl from Barry Gross. Rather a subtle burl, but still turned out nice. :smile:
  2. T

    High End Burl Pen Sets With Matching Live Edge Burl Stands

    Questions? Comments? What do you think? I have Started Selling these in an interior designer's store 1) Black and Red dyed/stabilized box elder burl with Buckeye burl stand, Carnuba wax Buff finish (fountain,rollerball,pall point,pencil) 2) Old Growth Redwood Burl with OGRB stand...
  3. Justin_F

    Roman Harvest in Buckeye

    Here is a pen i did up during the week - hope you like it all criticism welcome! Jus
  4. Amthermandes

    What pen kit should I use for a Buckeye Burl natural blank?

    Here's what my blank looks like: I'm looking for a pen kit that'll go nicely with it, but I'm having trouble picking the "perfect" kit. I am rather new to pen turning, but I have a few under my belt and I'd like to make this my formal pen, a very exquisite pen. My price range on a kit is...
  5. Halfcaff

    Double Closed-end Amboyna Fountain

    This is similar to the double closed-end I made last weekend but I thought a fountain would be more appropriate. I made the bottom barrel about 1.5cm longer than I did last time. The centerband is made from trustone turquoise and buckeye burl. I am more pleased with how the hidden clip turned...
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