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  1. rkm6460

    Experimenting with One Piece Slimline

    Saw this concept on the Pen Turners Facebook page and tried a couple. First time posting my work, so be kind! The first attempt was with bocote and the black chrome kit. The second was gluing curly maple and padauk cut on a 15 degree angle, topped off with the gun metal kit. Pretty fun!
  2. D.Oliver

    Guardians and a Slim

    Here is a Guardian dressed in Bocote. This a Guardian Jr. dressed in Cottonwood crotchwood. Some of you might recall I posed a Cigar from the same wood a while back. Both pieces had some bug holes in them. On the cigar I filled the holes with sanding dust and CA. The dust turned a...
  3. J

    A couple more tonight...

    Here are two more pens I finished tonight. The first is a slimline Bocote sanded to 600, 5 coats CA, MM to 12000 & Hut polish. This will be going to the troops. The second is done for a co-worker who selected the kit and blank at Woodcraft and asked me to make it for him. 3 coats CA then...
  4. J

    Sunday's projects

    Here are three that I turned today. The slimlines are going to Pens for Troops thanks to blanks provided by Smitty37... Good practice and I like how they turned out, lots of character. The El Grande is a blank and kit supplied to me by a friend at work and done for him. This is my first El...
  5. louie56

    Ultra Cigar Bocote wood Pen

    Here'a a ultra cigar pen from woodpropen Bocote wood from Mexico Comments always welcome! Picture was taken with Droid Phone 5 mp:ghost::bananen_smilies039:
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