blank preparation

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  1. N

    Another fauxstone drilling attempt ... another problem I need help diagnosing

    *** pictures below *** I just failed at drilling out fauxstone blanks for a majestic pen kit. My strategy was: (a) reinforce the blank with 1/2" poplar (b) drill on the lathe using 8 progressively larger bits. The last four bits were in increments as low as 1/64" I was running the RPM...
  2. N

    Drill press spindle movement requirements?

    Hi, I'd like to buy a drill press for pen turning. Question: what is the minimum spindle travel distance I need if I am drilling blanks of up to 5" length? One answer is > 5" which is obvious. But what about buying a good jig and using a >2.5" spindle; and then drilling out the blank from...
  3. ramaroodle

    Best tube adhesive?

    Just wondering what folks are using. When using medium CA to glue tubes, too often when I get a catch I notice that the blank doesn't seem to be adhered well to the tube. Is 2 part epoxy or Gorilla glue a better choice?
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