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  1. ElMostro

    Proof that I DO turn Pens

    It's been a while since I turned a, for a minute there I had to read the instruction to figure it out again..the cgar pen kits always make me check 3 times ;). These are all made from Amalgam-Mutt blanks I casted (except for the last one...a tree made that blank). All are sanded to 12000mm and...
  2. ElMostro

    Cross Pens; Bloodwood and Ivory

    Here are my latest Cross pens. Both are made from "Eugene's Ivory and Bloodwood and both have a CA finish. Thanks for looking. Eugene. The first one is a standard Sierra: The next one is a Gold Jr. Gent. The blodwood was X cut
  3. ElMostro

    Amalgam-Mutts are now Segmented

    I have been working on these for a while and finally turned some worth Posting. The first few are a mixture of wood and Alumilite. The next to last is a segmented Walnut & Maple Jr. Gent II and the last one is a spalted pecan cigar; the wood for this last pen came from a tree cut down in Fort...
  4. ElMostro

    Latest Amalgam-Mutts

    Finally had a chance to turn several pens from my Amalgam-Mutt blanks. The first one is made from Sponge dyed red and then cast in blue swirly Alumilite. It's a Titanium Jr Gent, sanded to 12000mm and polished. The second is Cholla Cactus with minty green Alumilite Amalgam-Mutt on a...
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