30 caliber bullet pens

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  1. M

    Pen Blank a Skosh too Short

    Hello. I read the couple of threads here that a search on "short" yielded on this, but I am still not sure how to proceed...or if I even can/should: I bought some cast acrylic pen blanks with tubes pre-inserted for 30-caliber bullet-style pens. To avoid blowout I don't use a barrel trimmer...
  2. Lathemaster

    *** Ended *** Yet Another Better Than 48 Hour Sale - 30.06 Rifle Cartridge Pen Kits - IAP Member Only

    30.06 Rifle Cartridge - 150gr. Nosler bullet - Slimline Ink Cartridge For the discerning pen maker looking for quality craft supplies, this pen kit begins with real, once fired 30-06 caliber Springfield rifle cartridge. A .308 caliber copper-jacketed bullet that has been drilled out to accept a...
  3. 20210107_011831.jpg


    Walnut bullet pen from small limb. Antler background
  4. 20210107_012028.jpg


    Walnut bolt action
  5. J

    Love those bullet pens!

    Living in the south you get to know a lot of white tail deer hunters. I've made a few antler bullet pens even as a new pen turner and people are really amazed. The trick is the blank set up and a lot less turning...in fact, the less tooling the better. Small deer with small horns are better...
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