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There are different names all synonymous to Tru-stone. They represent beautiful materials made from a combination of crushed semi-precious stones, combined with other natural pigments and materials which are then subjected to tremendous heat and pressure. This results in a material still "hard as a rock" but workable with a lathe. It has the look and the cool feel of stone, and is difficult to distinguish from the real stone. This material is easy to turn with sharp tools. The results of a pen made with this material are one that has a nice heft to it, a brilliant sheen and texture and an interesting appearance.

The Tru-stone blanks have quite a range or hardness ranging from that of Polyresin, to diamond hard.

A Tip for the Banded Ivory Tru-Stone; the bands are cream colored and clear, so after drilling the blank, paint the inside of the blank with a beige color.  White will wash out the color and spoil the illusion.