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The IAP-Wiki will be most usable if everyone uses the same conventions when creating pages.

Consider what you are writing to be "formal" writing and restrict the use of Acronyms, Slang and Idioms.  Where you want to abbreviate terms you should use the convention   "International Association of Penturners" (IAP), then use the abbreviation IAP in the rest of your page.  You may want to insert a link on first use to the Glossary page of the IAP-Wiki or to an anchor on that page like this one that leads to the "TXT Speak" Section on the Glossary page.

This page is only a tiny fraction of the possibilities and capabilities of a Wiki.   For further reading, please see Wikipedia Manual of Style (external link).


Refrain from using person specific words like "I" or "Me".  Instead use words like "You and "We".  Text should be opinion neutral.


Pages should be restricted to a single topic or thought.  Pages can be included in multiple places.  As an example,  a page on Superglue (CA) safety could be included on a general page about Safety and on a page about Superglue, but a single page about Safety would make no sense on a page about CA.  It is expected that as the content of the Wiki expands and gets more detailed, many pages will be split and sub-divided.

There are many different and varying ways to complete a task.  This is especially true with Gluing and Finishing.  Understand that there is not a Right or Wrong if the finish works for you.  We want to provide all the different alternative methods.  This section needs additional detail.

When adding new content or editing existing content adhere to these principles; Be polite, Assume good faith, Avoid personal criticism or attacks, Be welcoming, Remember each of us was a newbie at one time.


Links are shown in Red are pages or locations that don't exist.  Unlike web development where you try to create all the pages and links at one time, it is perfectly OK to create a Link to a Page that doesn't exist, then go back and create the Page later.  Think of Red-Links as a Question or Poll, "Do we need this content?" or "Would someone who knows more about this topic than I create a Page?"or "I'm working on this and will add more later."

External Links

When creating links to locations outside of IAP, please note that fact with the comment "(external link)".  Links to Penturners.org are not considered external. 


Pages should be assigned to Categories.  Category entries should be at the bottom of the page.  See Editing Help for how to create and assign Categories.

There are defined Categories for Wood Species and Pen Styles

You can find a complete list of all Categories here.


Use bulleted (unordered) lists when order is not important. Alphabetize unordered lists when possible.

Use numbered (ordered) lists when order is important, such as series of steps required to complete a process (such as finishing a pen blank).

Pages and Page Names

Create meaningful Page names.  The first word in the Page Name should be a subject word, not a descriptive word.  Page names should not start with "A", "An", or "The". 

Please use Sub Headings appropriately when creating/editing a page.  Sub-headings should be self explanatory and the wording under a subheading should stay on the topic of the subheading.

For specific types of pages, see the suggested subheadings for each page type.  Even if you cannot add information about a sub-category, create it and leave it blank to be filled in by another author.

New Pages

If you create a new page and would like additional content added, please put the comment "This page is only a stub article.  You are encouraged to add to it" in BOLD text at the top of the page.

Duplicate Page names[edit]

Duplicate Page Names are not allowed in a Wiki.  Often there are several names that refer to the same thing, like "IAP", "Penturners.org", and "International Association of Penturners"  REDIRECTS are used to allow the Duplicate Page Names to appear in the Search Box and lead to one single page.


The Wiki Software supports many different languages, but all content pages in the Wiki should be in English.  See Languages page for information on how to translate the pages into other languages.

Pen Style Pages

-- General Information --
--- Alternative Names ---
--- Bushing Sizes ---
--- Tube Length(s) ---

--- Tube Diameter(s) ---

--- Drill Size(s) ---
-- Sources --
-- Assembly tips --
-- Other Tips --  (include common assembly mistakes here)

Wood Type Pages[edit]

-- Scientific Name --

-- General Information --

(be sure to include any toxicity warnings)

-- Turning Tips --