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General Information[edit]

The Sierra style pen is distinguished by having only one barrel. It is available in many different platings and innovative combinations of platings.  It is a simple kit to complete and assemble.The Sierra Vista is a slightly larger diameter version of the Sierra that was developed for use with the snakeskin blanks, although other blanks can be used on them as well.  The Sierra line now also includes a click version and a pencil.

Alternative Names[edit]

The Wall Street II and Wall Street III from Woodcraft are identical to the Sierra and Sierra Vista pens, respectively.

Wood Pen Pro sells the Pacifica which is very similar.  The Pacifica is available with a variety of trim bands.

Pen State Industries sells the Gatsby, which is very similar.  However, the Gatsby click pen is quiite different than the Sierra click pen.

Wood N Whimsies sells the MONÉT twist pen kit - appearance is very similar.

The LeRoi lineup are also inline with the sierra using the same tubes and bushings, however they are finial twist operated and assembly is slightly different because of this.

Bushing Sizes[edit]

Tube Dimension(s)[edit]

Length 2.218"   56.34mm
O.D. 0.408"   10.34mm
I.D. 0.390"   9.90mm


Arizona Silhouette

Beartooth Woods(claims to have unique platings unavailable elsewhere)

Berea Hardwoods

Exotic Blanks

Assembly tips[edit]

This is possibly the easiest pen to assemble.  Press the cap and clip assembly into the one end of the barrel (the Vista is sized differently on each end of the barrel) and push the transmission and refill (by hand) into the other end of the barrel and it is complete.

Usage Instructions[edit]

These usage instructions are oriented toward the owner and user of the Sierra style pens.

Common Pitfalls[edit]

One complaint about the twist version of this pen that surfaces occasionally, is that the user will partially unthread the transmission out of the bottom fitting, then push the transmission up into the cap so far that it cannot be "recaptured" by the lower fitting and pulled back out.  This can be repaired by disassembling the pen and dropping the transmission out of the cap, or can be prevented by placing a spacer above the transmission so it cannot be pushed all the way up into the cap.

When assembling the cap on the click version of any of these pens, you MUST use a push block drilled to the size of the push button on the pen.  Failure to do this will damage the transmission.

Detailed Spacer Instructions[edit]

Assemble the pen without the tube and blank.  Push the finial & clip as far as it will go down onto the nib & transmission.  Lay the tube & blank alongside the pen.  The amount of overlap between the tube and fittings is the required length of the spacer.  It will vary from version to version.  The spacer needs to be about 1/4" (~6.3mm) in diameter.  Test assemble the pen with the spacer to make sure the spacer isn't too long.  Glue the spacer into the finial with a drop of locktite or thick CA.  Be careful not to get any glue on the side of the finial and leave the glue to set before assembling the pen.