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A number of Raw Materials can be used to create a one-of-a-kind, artistic pen.


Most penturners have made at least a few pens out of wood. Woods are sourced from all over the world. For the purposes of this Wiki, we refer to Domestic woods as those sourced in North America and considered to be common (easily located). Exotic woods are those considered to be imported from other countries, with a few native species that are also somewhat rare. A third category of wood blanks are those that are manufactured from wood or wood by-products.

Domestic Woods

Apple Ash Birch Boxelder Buckeye Butternut Cedar Cherry Cottonwood Cypress Desert Ironwood Apricot Black Gum(Black Tupelo) Hackberry Hawthorne Hickory Holly Lilac Maple Mesquite Mulberry Myrtle Oak Osage Orange Pear Pecan Poplar Sassafras Sycamore Walnut Madrone

Exotic Woods

Afzelia Amboyna Bamboo Bloodwood Bocote Bubinga Canarywood Chechen Coconut Palm Corrugata Ebony Eucalyptus Goncolo Alves? Gum (Australian) Honduran Rosewood Imbuia Indian Rosewood Kingwood Koa Lacewood Leopardwood Mallee Olive Panga Panga Purpleheart Red Morrel Redheart Rosa Pua Rosewood SnakeWood Tamarind Tulipwood Wenge Yellowheart Zangara Zebrawood Ziricote

Manufactured Wood

ColorWood DymondWood Plywood Environ

Other Natural Materials





Man-Made Materials