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General Information

Available in both ballpoint single tube and two tube roller ball and fountain pen.

Alternative Names[edit]

Bushing Sizes[edit]

The bushing sizes are documented on the instructions, but the actual measurements of the fittings and tubes are listed below.

The fittings are both 0.495"

Note: The bushings for this pen are the Majestic Squire bushings.  So if you have a set of JohnnyCNC's TBC bushings, you are set.

Tube Length(s)[edit]


Tube Dimensions
Length 1.994"



This pen is only available at Penn State Industries

Assembly tips[edit]

Common Pitfalls[edit]

If you have to dis-assemble the nib or clip, use a transfer punch to remove the fitting.  The fitting is composed of several pieces that may separate when being driven out.  If this happens, drill a 9mm or 23/64" hole in a scrap piece of acrylic and insert the tube portion of the fitting into the hole.  Press the fitting back together.