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Getting Started[edit]

Getting started in Pen Crafting is relatively inexpensive, compared to some types of woodworking.

There are a certain number of necessary tools.

Other tools can be added that allow you to expand your capabilities and creativity, or to simply make it easier to accomplish certain tasks such as sharpening your turning tools.

This page that discusses necessary tooling required to make a pen. If you are relatively new to pen turning, refer to this list to ensure you have everything you need to get going.

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After you have all the tools, you also need the following supplies to make a pen:

  • Glue (CA or epoxy) - I recommend 5 minute epoxy when you first start. However if you have worked with CA and have it available go ahead and use it, just be sure to have some Acetone nearby.
  • Sandpaper - You will need 120, 150, 220, 320,400,600 grits at first
  • A Finish - Almost everyone starts with a friction polish at first.

Overview of the Pen Making Process[edit]

Making a pen is a process that can be broken down into the following steps

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Sales and Marketing[edit]

Some pen crafters are content with making pens for their own use and to give to family and friends as gifts. Others make and sell their pens to defray the costs of the hobby or as a supplement to their income. A dedicated few make their full-time living with pen crafting.

Pens are sold through these methods: