Osage Orange

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General information[edit]

Osage orange is known by some other names. They are all the same tree.

   * Bois d'arc
   * Bowdark
   * Hedgeapple or simply Hedge

This tree was used by native Americans to make bows (as in bows and arrows). Many miles of these trees were planted in fencerows during the dustbowl years of the 20th century to reduce wind erosion in the plains states. These trees have an abundance of sharp thorns growing from their branches and trunk. Their fruit (the hedge apple) is the size of a grape fruit and is colored green with a rough texture. It has no known nutritive value.

Turning Osage Orange[edit]

The yellowish wood has a high silicone content and is of a fairly fine grain. Turners of this wood find that there is a need to sharpen their tools regularly, but that the grain and color can yield beautiful results. The wood can range from a dark brown to a bright yellow when worked, but will fade to a brownish-yellow after some time.