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This material is manufactured by WoodTurningz. These blanks are highly colored with varying depth. The material is somewhat brittle and is not recommended for the novice turner. However, mastering this material will result in a beautiful pen with vibrant colors and the sheer luminescence is very over whelming.

Turning Inlace Acrylester[edit]

Quick recommendations for working with this material (more can be added):

  • Do not drill all the way through the material - drill to within 1/4-inch of the end of the blank and cut the end off with a band saw
  • If in any doubt about whether the blank is translucent enough to show the brass tube through the finished pen barrel, paint the inside of the blank before inserting and gluing the tube into place.
  • Woodturningz has a flyer with hints and tips for turning Acrylester.  Be sure to ask for it when ordering from them.

Diamond Series[edit]

The Diamond Series is very "chippy"  and brittle.  Careful cutting and drilling is necessary to prevent cracking and breakage.  After turning down to approximate dimensions, use sandpaper for final sizing.  There are 4 different different color combinations.  The flecks sparkle and change color as the blank is moved.  The flecks will leave a rough surface, so you will need to finish with CA for a mirror finish.

Galaxy - Black

Gold Pulsar - Black

Milky Way - Gray

Red Nebula - Red