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Anyone may browse the content of the IAP-Wiki.  You do not need an account to view any of the information here.


If you wish to add or edit content in this Wiki, please create an account on IAP. The IAP  Forums and Wiki share a common user account.  Please DO NOT create a separate account in the Wiki.

The Quick Start, Editing Help, and Style Guidelines describe how to use the Wiki editor, and how to create content for the Wiki.

Contributors are encouraged to update their profile information in the "my preferences" at the top of every screen in the Wiki. 

Item Location and Options
Real Name The Name you want to appear on screens where changes are noted,  You can use your IAP userid here if you wish.
Email Your email address.  Fill this in to allow the Wiki to send you emails when a page is changed.  This is useful when a small group of people are collaborating on creating new content for the IAP-Wiki. To send emails to another user, please use the IAP Forum areas or Private Message (PM).
Signature This is how your Signature appears on Discussion Pages.  You should include your IAP Userid as part of your Signature. Like "Real Name aka IAP-Userid"
Date and time

Date format - How you want the data time stamp to appear on messages you see and post.

Time Zone - The Time Zone you are in.  Some browsers allow you to fill this in automatically.

my talk If desired, insert a link to your IAP Forum public profile.

System operation[edit]