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General Information[edit]

Alternative Names[edit]

Bushing Sizes[edit]

Gentleman/Jr. Gentleman Bushing Sizes
Bushing Gentleman Jr. Gentleman
Nib end 0.527 inch 0.480 inch
Lower coupler end 0.597 inch 0.511 inch
Cap coupler end 0.653 inch 0.567 inch
Cap finial end 0.653 inch 0.567 inch

Tube Length(s)and Diameters[edit]

Gentleman/Jr. Gentleman Tube Sizes
Tube Gentleman Junior Gentleman
Lower (nib)
Upper (Cap)

Drill Size[edit]

Gentleman/Jr. Gentleman Drill Sizes
Drill for... Gentleman Junior Gentleman
Lower (nib)
15/32 inch 10.5 mm
Upper (Cap) 37/64 inch 12.5 mm


The Gentleman and Jr. Gentlemen Pens are only available from Craft Supplies USA.

Assembly tips[edit]


Disassembly Tips[edit]

The correct thing to do is remove the plastic sleeve first. First you punch out the final end with the clip. You Drill a hole just a hair larger than the inside diameter of the upper tube..a 12 mm hole basically. You take the threaded male coupler minus the little ring piece from another kit and you screw it into the plastic sleeve. Using a hard maple dowel and a wood mallet, you punch down so the sleeve comes out through the top of the cap section. Once the sleeve is removed, you punch out the centerband. Then you take the plastic sleeve and simply push it back into the centerband to re-install the kit.[[../../../../../forum/member.php?u=3622|workinforwood]]

Other Guidelines[edit]