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Enduro is a water based poly.  Many people use and like it because it does not have toxic fumes like CA (superglue) has.


Sand the blanks to 600 grit and apply 3 coats of Zinnser Sealcoat (actually this is dewaxed shellac) on the blanks with about 10 to 30 minutes between coats.  Let them dry for at least a couple of hours, and sand them with 600 grit paper being careful not to cut through the sealer.  It's important to dip with the original bushings (or ones you make) that are very close in diameter to the blank so that the finish flows evenly off of the blank.  Dip with the blank on the bushings on a threaded 1/4x20 threaded rod.  The bushings were held on by nuts and tightened with finger pressure.  The lower nut was just threaded on, the rod end did not protrude, and I rested the rod plus nuts on the lower nut when drying.  Dip the rod plus bushings into the Enduro, in the can, very slowly, until the top bushing was half submerged. The lower nut keeps the finish out of the tube, you will not have to do any clean-up in the tube afterward.


Sand down the few dust nits on the dry blanks.  Use nail buffing pads, the pink and white ones that some drugstores and Sally's Beauty Supply sell.  The pink side is coarser, but still roughly equal to about 2000/2500 grit paper.  The white side is maybe a little coarser than the gray micromesh.  Sand just the nits with the pink side, polished a bit on the white side, followed by gray micromesh and then Hut's Plastic Polish.  Took about 5 minutes per blank.  If the blank is dust free, just give a quick pass with the white/gray micromesh and plastic polish.

You can construct a rack to place in a warm spot since it is risking fate to have them just sitting on the lower nuts while drying.