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Use the right mouse button on this link to the Sandbox and open a new browser tab or window.  Follow right along.  This will take you to the "Sandbox"  the Sandbox is a page that you can use to experiment and generally play around.

When you display a page, links display:

  • As blue for pages you have not seen yet.
  • As purple for pages you have looked at.
  • As red for pages that don't exist yet.

When you are editing a page, Links on a page show up as underlined text.  There are three kinds of links,

  • "Wiki Links" take you to another page or section in the Wiki,
  • "Internal Links" take you to a web page on IAP.
  • "External Links" take to to a web site page outside IAP.

To start creating a link, click down and drag your mouse cursor over the text where you want to the link to appear,

Create a Link to A Wiki Page[edit]

Click on the menu bar Link icon File:Wiki FCKeditor Icon Link.jpg  and you will see a Link selection box appear.   Now type part of the page name.  You can type any part of the page name.  All pages that contain the matching characters will be displayed.  Click on one of them to select that page as the link target.

So start Typing "Sandb".  The "Automatic search results" will show the page names that match your typing.  Click on one of the page names.  If the page you want doesn't appear, erase the "Sandb" and type something else.  Try typing "box".  If you want to create a link to a page that doesn't exist yet, type the entire page name and click on OK.  Creating a new page is the next topic.

Create a link to a Web Page[edit]

To create link to a web page, type or preferably paste the link to the web page into the Link area.

Finally click on OK.  Make sure to Save your page.

Please review the Style Guidelines page to see guidelines for links, internal links and external links.

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