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Starting an Edit Session[edit]

Use the right mouse button on this link to the Sandbox and open a new browser tab or window.  Follow right along.  This will take you to the "Sandbox"  the Sandbox is a page that you can use to experiment and generally play around.

At the top of every Wiki page you will see a row of tabs.  Click on the "edit" tab OR press alt-shift-E to start editing the page you are viewing.  If the edit tab is not displayed, you cannot edit this page.  Contact the Wiki administrator(s) if you think editing should be allowed on this page..


Edit Screen[edit]

The IAP-Wiki has TWO different editors.  The first is the default Wiki editor, the second is a WYSIWYG editor that shows you what your page will look like when displayed.  If you click on the edit tab and do not see the edit screen below, click on the text "[Rich editor]".

When you start editing a page,you will see the page below.  Notice the menu bar at the top of the screen.  It looks a lot like the menu bar in the forum messages, doesn't it?  It is very similar and can be used just like that menu bar.  When ever you are doing serious editing, click on the Full screen icon on the menu bar.  To see a listing of all the icons and their functions, See Editing Help

DO NOT click on any items in the navigation sidebar at the left of the screen.  
Doing so will loose any changes you have made to the page since it was last saved!  
You can however have two sessions in the Wiki open at the same time provided you do not try
to edit two different pages at the same time.

Adding Text to a page[edit]

Type in a Subject for your topic.  Make sure to press <ENTER> at the end.  Now Click and drag your mouse over the text to highlight it.  Go to the menu bar and click on the down-arrow in the Format box.  Click on "Heading 1".  See?  you now have a nice heading for your subject. 

Move to the next line and type some text in the window.  Mention your favorite pen, material, or technique.  The text will flow on the page to fit the window or screen.

Saving Your Content[edit]

To see what your page will look like, press alt-shift-P (at the same time) to display a "preview" of your page.  The page IS NOT saved yet!  To make more changes, scroll down and you will see an edit screen.  You can continue editing the page, or you can press alt-shift-S to save your content. 

Content History[edit]

One recurrent question is "What happens if I or someone else makes a mistake and modifies or deletes a page or damages the Wiki?"

Every page, image, and document in the Wiki has a complete history of it's contents.  The page can be restored with a few mouse clicks.  Later on in the Tutorial we will see how this functions and how it can be used to preserve the integrity of the Wiki structure.

It is virtually impossible to damage the Wiki accidentally (or intentionally for that matter).


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