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General Information[edit]

A pen that exhibits the style of the world-famous Mont Blanc pen. Most ball point pens of this style use a 7mm tube and the same transmission as the Slimline pen with a cross-type refill.

Alternative Names[edit]

Berea Hardwoods name for this pen is the "Round Top Euro" often shortened to simply the "Euro." They also offer the "Ballpoint Double Twist" pen with 8mm tubes and a parker-type refill.

Penn State Industries name for this pen is the Designer Pen. It offers similarly styles pens in the "Mini Designer" pen and the "Lady Designer" pen. PSI also has a pen with 8mm tubes and a parker-style refill in the "premium" designer pen. PSI also offers a pencil in this style of pen.

Craft Supplies USA (CSUSA) offers similar pens under the name "European."

Hut's name for these pens (same as Berea hardwoods is "Eurostyle."

Bushing Sizes[edit]

Tube Length(s) and Diameters[edit]

Berea hardwoods and Hut Product

  • Long (bottom) Barrel
  • Short (Top) Barrel

Drill Size[edit]

Dependent upon hardware selection:

  • 7mm (also letter "J" or 9/32 inch)
  • 8mm


Assembly tips[edit]

All versions of this pen require that a tenon be cut on the transmission end of the upper barrel for the placement of the center band. On the 7mm versions of the pen, this tenon is cut only part way into the barrel material.

PSI offers a center bushing for the 7mm that helps to cut the tenon to the correct diameter. The bushing works well for PSI and Berea hardwoods kits. See the note below for CSUSA kits.

Other Guidelines[edit]

The CSUSA versions of the 7mm pen use a slightly larger diameter center band than do the Berea Hardwoods and the PSI versions. Use a calipers to measure the center band and to determine the final size of the barrel.