Americana Classic / Executive

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General Information[edit]

This is a single - barreled pen, The refill is extended by twisting the cap on the clip end of the pen.

Alternative Names[edit]

These pens very similar in appearance but differ in both appearance and internal hardware.

Penn State Industries (PSI) offers the Executive pen. They offer a pencil in the same style.

Craft Supplies USA offers the Americana Classic pen.

Bushing Sizes[edit]

(CSUSA Americana Classic)

  • Nib End - 0.413 inch
  • Clip end - 0.413 inch

Tube Length(s)and Diameters[edit]

CSUSA Americana Classic - unknown

PSI Executive - 2-7/8 inches

Drill Size[edit]

CSUSA Americana Classic - letter "S" (0.348 inch)

PSI Executive - 3/8-inch (0.375 inch)


Assembly tips[edit]

Other Guidelines[edit]