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Apr 29, 2010
Montreal, Qc. Canada
The real things...

30.06 pen kits
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5 Brass pen kits for:

(It comes to $9.99usd per kit
*American made Brass casings (Winchester, Remington and others) with 24k Gold plated nibs/clips and caps
*Cross type refills
*Machined and assembled to a "Mint quality finish"
*The brass casings are free from "dings nor scratches" . This no Brass off the tumbler...
*Come with instruction sheet

Postal fees:
$7.95usd for S&H to the "USA via USA Air-mail service"
$11.95usd for S&H to Canada via "Expedited service"

We combine multiple purchases into one single shipment to make you save $$$$$

Note: for those looking for 30.06 casing with FMJ bullet. We have them in stock as well as for the 270 caliber.
Go to our website: for further information's or contact us...
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