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Dec 5, 2003
Westlake, OH, USA.
You should see a new item on the top menu: "Calendar" Owing to the generosity of a member who wishes to remain anonymous, I was able to procure this nice event/birthday calendar add-on for our forum software.

Rather than me trying to explain every feature, I suggest you experiment a little. Click around and check out the various views. I like the "weekly" view. It shows the avatars for the upcoming birthdays along with any events. The last view you used is "sticky".

One cool feature is that you can optionally include a Google map of the location. I've loaded the MPG 2020 and MOVPG 2019 events and both have maps.

A couple more interesting features:
When an event is created, a thread is created in the new Calendar Events Forum
You can RSVP to events, with "going", "interested", or "not going"
The "Agenda" view shows a list of upcoming events.
At the top of all views is a "featured event" and I'll stick that there as events get close.

I have the permissions set pretty loose so you can create then delete some events to try it out if you like.

I've tried to get the colors tweaked for all of our styles. IAP light was good out of the box, and I've got IAP gray dialed in. Dark could use some work - suggestions welcome.
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