A couple for the coaches

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Jan 20, 2009
Snelville, GA
My kids all play rec. league softball on teams that I either coach or assistant coach. The season is coming to a close and I though it'd be a nice "thank you" gift for the other coaches if I made them a simple pen. Well, the first one (second in the below set) started out simple enough. Just a Euro with a clean smooth profile. Blank is Caribbean Swirl from CSUSA reverse painted black.

Then when I came to the second one, the only kit I had left was the Rose Gold and Black Titanium Sierra. I've made 2 of these before this one, and really had the toughest time finding a blank that really mated up with the rose gold plating very well at all. I couldn't really find any colors that seemed to "belong" on there. Then as I was looking through my burls, acrylics and segments, I saw it.......more of that dang deer antler! It was almost laughing at me from the corner. Well, I'm not going to be laughed at by an antler...NO SIR!

Showed him who's boss! Who's laughing now DEER!?


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