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  1. Timber Ripper

    Come Fly With Me

    Based on the reviews, the 3.0 has an improved cross bolt safety, lighter trigger pull and a little more power. I just ordered it. Can't wait
  2. Timber Ripper

    Cellulose Acetate on New PSI Everyday Classic Pen Kit

    Great idea to help position the pen but I find it a bit too distracting. Maybe try laying a piece of white silk over the beads. This way you could still utilize the beads without actually seeing them. Just a thought.
  3. Timber Ripper

    Bushings Stuck Inside Blank!

    For the money, you can't beat the HF Reamer. Works effortlessly on brass tube for deburring.
  4. Timber Ripper


    We've always kept chickens. High yielding cross linked breads. One tip I'd like to offer.. Do yourself a favor and construct your housing 16 to 24 inches up off the ground with a 1 inch mesh floor. This will allow their poop to pass through the mesh onto the dirt. And since chickens are...
  5. Timber Ripper

    My 4th Pen; Bolt Action Pen: Mesquite Burl

    Nicely Done.. Great job!
  6. Timber Ripper

    We're BACK! - Check In

    Nice job Jeff! Thank you for all your effort
  7. Timber Ripper

    Bog Oak and Whale Bone

    Great combination.. Well Done!
  8. Timber Ripper

    Best 007 actor and best Bond movie?

    Don Adams - Agent 86 :D
  9. Timber Ripper

    We lost also Zac today...!

    Sorry George
  10. Timber Ripper

    Latest Pens

    Very Nice!
  11. Timber Ripper

    Some recent work

    Beautiful! Good job
  12. Timber Ripper

    Annual Competitions

    Congratulations Cody!
  13. Timber Ripper

    IAP Membership Card Design Voting

    Looks like 7 and 9 are the same entry in different sizes
  14. Timber Ripper

    Purple Aero Click

    Very nice pen Sam! It's amazing how back painting with different colors will drastically change the final outcome.
  15. Timber Ripper

    First lathe-related injury.

    Ouch! Been there, done that.. And believe it or not, I still do it. Creature of habit i guess.
  16. Timber Ripper

    ScabiosaYarrowDichro Bottle Stopper

    Those are Truly AMAZING!!! It resembles an exotic aquatic plant in real time. Beautiful!
  17. Timber Ripper

    Therapy Pen

    Glad to hear the meds are helping and hoping for a full and speedy recovery.. Beautiful Pen!
  18. Timber Ripper

    Is a respirator necessary when turning Acrylics?

    John/Hank/Keith I just ordered the Elipse p100 from amazon. I'll give it a shot Thank you for your replies -anthony
  19. Timber Ripper

    Bart from Kentucky

    Welcome to the addiction Bart!
  20. Timber Ripper

    Is a respirator necessary when turning Acrylics?

    I've been dealing with sinus issues for about 6 weeks now. Just about the same amount of time that I started turning more and more acrylics. Coincidence? I don't use a respirator or dust mask because they are two restrictive and causes my glasses to fog. And Honestly? I just hate wearing one...
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