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  1. DavidD

    Overstock on Bolt Action and Rollerballs

    Closed PSI Bolt-Action Pen Kits, Gun Metal (0 remaining) $9 each Dayacom Jr. George Rollerball Kit, Antique Brass (0 available) $14 each Please post in comments to claim, and I'll do my best to update the available quantities. Shipping will range from $8-13 for USPS Priority (padded envelope...
  2. DavidD

    Jr. George RBs for sale

    Well, it's been about 6 months since I've seen these available on the forums, so hope there's a little demand. I have some Dayacom Jr. George Antique Brass RBs for sale. The best price I'm seeing for these online is $21.99, so I'm going to make this sale pretty simple. 20 left as of last post...
  3. DavidD

    The last of my Dayacom Jr. Emperor FTNs

    All claimed, however still awaiting payments from multiple members. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to purchase any unclaimed kits I've received a few emails from members who have previously purchased these kits from me, so I'm sensing maybe there's a little holiday demand for high-end kits? I...
  4. DavidD

    Last Kit Sale for a While - 20-50% Discounts

    This is now closed as we are at payment deadline. All orders have shipped. Thank you!
  5. DavidD

    Cheap Whiskey Blanks & Blue BEB

    Happy Friday! Here are some more of the whiskey and blue BEB that I sold out of last month. Domestic shipping price is fixed at $7.20 for padded flat rate. I will cover any shipping overages beyond that if anyone orders more blanks than can fit in the envelope. Whiskey Barrel Blanks...
  6. DavidD

    PSI Over & Under Shotgun RB Kit w/ bits & bushings

    I have four of these in 24kt gold plus a new set of bushings and the matching bits. Everything you need to make these! ( Kits are typically $16.95 each, I'm asking $13 each plus I'm throwing in the...
  7. DavidD

    Discounted Bulk Refills (Gel and RB)

  8. DavidD

    12 HRB Fountains Pens - Wood from Al (exoticwo)

    12 HRB Fountain Pens - Wood from Al (exoticwo) Al was kind enough to sell me a set of 13 beautiful HRB blanks last week. One blank was a little short for my Jr. Emperor FTN kits, so I just did an even dozen. The stand is made from locally harvested black walnut. Kits are Dayacom Jr...
  9. DavidD

    4th of July Flash Sale - Jr. Emperor FTN Kits

    Happy Independence Day, everybody! Dayacom Rhodium/22kt Gold Jr. Emperor FTN Pen Kit I've still got some of these I'd like to sell, so let's do a flash sale at an awesome price! Please PM or post to reserve, and remember, price only valid for payments sent today and tomorrow. $45.00...
  10. DavidD

    Bulk Whiskey Barrel Blanks $0.75/each

    All claimed. Depending upon my orders in the next couple weeks I may let a few more of these go. Please feel free to PM if you'd like to be on "waiting list". Thanks for your interest! I'm realizing I don't need all these whiskey blanks I have, so wondering if anyone would like these? Blanks...
  11. DavidD

    Rhodium FTN Gents - 10 packs

    All claimed. Will follow up with those who posted shortly. Howdy all, I accidentally ordered a bunch of FTN pens thinking they were RBs and just unboxed them a month later. Doh! Probably too late for a return. I think I have 30, and I'd like to sell in 10-packs so I'll drop the price way...
  12. DavidD

    Top-selling woods - variety pack

    I've got some overstock of my top-selling woods because I try to buy them in large quantities. In case there's any interest in purchasing a variety pack, I decided to list 15 blanks as a single lot. Asking $37.50 plus shipping (will fit in a flat rate envelope). On the off-chance more...
  13. DavidD

    25-40% off High-End Kits (and Blue Box Elder Blanks)

    All Sold, Please Close David ------------------------ (0x) Dayacom Jr. Emperor Fountain Pen 22kt Gold/Rhodium @ $50.00 each [PLEASE limit 3 per person] (current retail price $72.00) (0x) Dayacom Jr. George Rollerball Pen Antique Silver @ $15.00 each (current retail price $21.00) (0x)...
  14. DavidD

    Jr. Emperor Kits, Donation to IAP

    Hi guys, Here’s the good news (for you): I’m selling lots of the highly-coveted Jr. Emperor FTN Kits (Rhodium/22kt Gold) at a discounted price. These aren’t available anywhere else, and I’m willing to let them go for $10/kit cheaper than the list price. As icing on the cake, I will donate $300...
  15. DavidD

    Fountain & Rollerball Kits

    Closed. All kits @$15.00/ea 0 available: Artisan Jr. Gent Postable Fountain Pen, Rhodium/Gold 0 available: Dayacom Jr. George Postable Rollerball, Antique Brass 0 available: Dayacom Jr. George Postable Rollerball, Antique Silver
  16. DavidD

    Parker, Rollerball Refills

    All Sold, Thread Closed 100x Black Gel Parker Style Refills (0.5mm) (asking $45) Sold Out 100x Black Generic Ballpoint Parker Style Refills from PSI kits (asking $15) Sold Out 50x Black Schneider Topball 850 Rollerball Refills (0.5mm) (asking $30) Sold Out
  17. DavidD

    Jr. George (Dayacom), Jr. Gent (Artisan)

    Some rollerballs for sale Domestic shipping costs fixed at $6.50 w/ Priority Mail, regardless of quantity. Please post in this thread. I will do my best to keep the “remaining units” section current. Payments via PayPal please. Thank you for looking! Remaining: 25x Dayacom Jr. George...
  18. DavidD

    Dayacom, PSI, Artisan, Apprentice Pen Kits

    Greetings, everyone! I meant to do this last week to give everyone ample time for holiday construction, but alas, I’m running late… You’ll see each item has a limit; that is the maximum number I am able to sell. After posting, I will contact you directly via PM. All payments must be made via...
  19. DavidD

    Someone to cast snake skin (provided)

    Hello, Someone reached out to me, asking for custom pens made from Python skin that they would provide. I have never done any snake skin casting and am not looking to start right away, so I figured I would toss this out to the general community to see if anyone wanted to bite. I don't know...
  20. DavidD

    3/8 nickel tubes for turning acrylics? (non brass)

    Hi everyone! I'd love to tap the collective wisdom here and ask if anyone knows of a source for nickel tubes in 3/8 size? I know CSUSA and Woodcraft don't carry 3/8. Any length would do, but the longer the better (I can always cut them down to size). I prefer using these on acrylics and am...
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