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    Spalted wood scraps and more

    I dont do many pens any more and Im accumulating interesting cut offs from bowl blanks and other projects that can make good pen blanks. If you are in the Marietta Ga. area you are welcome to them. PM for address and phone number.
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    Turn Tex stabilizing rig

    Turntex 4” x 16” stabilizing tank with Edwards 1.5 cfm lab grade vacuum pump. Includes 3/4 gallon of Cactus Juice and the toaster oven if you want it. The pump from what I read is rated to run 14 days at a stretch so you can do some deep stabilizing if you want to. Located in Marietta Ga. pickup...
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    Need some laser work

    I have a neighbor wanting a pen made and engraved with text for a family members birthday. I remember a local member having a laser burner for doing pens, I need to find him and negotiate the details if at all possible. Thanks!
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    I’ve been trying a finish new to me by Osmo, from Germany. Its a finish originally for floors so is pretty tough stuff. Im trying it out on bowls and its really easy to get a nice looking finish. Its applied with a light duty scuff pad to work the finish in to the wood and a little goes a long...
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    Interesting take on millifiori This guy is good.
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    Powdercoating tubes

    I remember a while back there was discussion about getting tubes powdercoated for doing clear and semi clear resin blanks. I ran into a flyer at a restaurant with an ad for an outfit here in the Atlanta area called Powder Coat Magic From the looks of it a small outfit...
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    Yellow pine and cedar

    Tried some yellow pine this time around with cedar base and top accent and an oak and mahogany feature ring. The yellow pine seemed much harder and was more prone to tearout on the inside where I had to use my big scraper to smooth the contours. I spent more time sanding than turning! Right now...
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    Pine bowl

    Segmented white pine bowl, made from some old shelves I took down from the workshop.
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    Wedgie sled

    I got finished building my new wedgie sled for segmentation. See Jerry Bennetts Youtube channel Segmentology for details on the concept. I had already got my wedges in from for setup so I tried a 15 segment ring, worked like a charm!
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    Focus stacking

    How many of you have tried or used the technique of focus stacking on your pen photos? I recently researched the use of it and coincidentally got an upgrade from CS3 to CS6. I learned that CS4 to CS6 can do this with its innate processes as well as several standalone programs out there that are...
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    Spalted bowl with lid

    Made from spalted river birch and finished with wipe on poly.
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    First pen in the new shop.

    We moved a few months ago and it's been slow redoing the shop. I got my stabilizing station and pen center up and running so I stabilized a handful of spalted crosscut cherry blanks, gave them a double pass yesterday, and turned a pen today. The blanks started out in the range of 19 grams and...
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    8mm bullet pen

    Anybody make your own 30.06 cartridge pens from an 8mm kit? I was comparing parts from a flat top kit with the setup I was working on after I stole the tube from it (this kit was missing its transmission too) thinking an 8mm tube would be easier, only problem is the nib size.
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    30.06 shells?

    Who is currently selling shells prepped with the tubes in them for bullet pens? Our Ebay source we used a few years ago is not available anymore.
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    A couple of projects inspired by John Lucas

    John Lucas has a good number of online video tutorials on woodturning and frequents another forum I read. He was invited to give a talk at the Gwinnett Woodworkers Associations Woodturning SIG meeting a few weeks back. After John gave his talk at the GWA meeting I took my notes and put together...
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    Chip n' dip platter

    I finished this last night after working on it off and on for several days. It's made from a single slab of Bradford pear from a tree taken down in the front yard several years ago. It's about 15 inches in diameter and finished with Danish oil. Bradford pear gets a bit tough after drying a...
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    got my lathe powered up

    Received it Tuesday afternoon, had it put together by Wednesday evening. Today I got the power to it and everything seems to work. I haven't turned anything yet though, I've been under the weather and getting the wiring in was all I had energy for today.
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    Delta 46-460

    I'm upgrading to a bigger Nova and I'm selling my little Delta. It has the extension bed and the stand and extension stand. This is a pickup only so you would need to be local. I'm asking $500 for the lot. We paid over $800 for everything as we put it together.
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    Ailing Robinair pump

    My pump is not pulling as much vacuum as it was when I got it. I changed the oil a while back with the recommended brand and type. Its a Robinair 15101-B. Is there a repair I can do that will bring it back to par? I haven't been able to find any repair kits for it. If this is a warning that the...
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    Stabilizing purpleheart

    Anybody have any experience stabilizing purpleheart? I'd like to know if the color comes up during oven drying and the curing bake and if the color lasts. I'm aiming to try it out sometime this week just to see, if no one can add anything I'll post what I find out.
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