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  1. PR_Princess

    The First MPG

    I am not sure if this is the first one. But for grins and giggles, I dug up this thread going back to 2007. Greg, can you bring some of your world famous poppers for the group pic? :biggrin::party::beer:
  2. PR_Princess

    jeff jeff jeff

    Got you covered! :biggrin:
  3. PR_Princess

    2 Orders Placed but Got No Email Acknowledgement

    Hi Mal, My apologies!! In searching, I did find your 2 qued requests. And yes combining them will not be a problem at all. (Normally we will try to do this whenever we can to anyway.) I will send you a PayPal request for the combined total later this evening so that this can be flipped to an...
  4. PR_Princess

    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome to the IAP, Chris!
  5. PR_Princess


    Beautiful John!! I like your mod!
  6. PR_Princess

    Pink Silicon Molds For Sale

    Mike, Can I have the vertical, please? I'll also take what remains of the tube in. Thank you!
  7. PR_Princess


    Mark, I have a blue and cream bakelike rod blank (5x1.25) from my stash. If that will work for your wife, you are welcome to it.
  8. PR_Princess

    Is There A way???

    You could try subscribing to the thread. (2nd top dark blue bar ->thread tools) The system will then save those threads and you can access them in your user control panel. Or do like I sometimes do, just C/P and email it to yourself.:smile: Edit in - Curt types faster! :)
  9. PR_Princess

    Manu Propria Pens - Sake Cups

  10. PR_Princess

    My 9yo granddaughter wants.......

    My kind of gal!:eek: Mannie, I have some rattles I can send you. I'll just pop them in the mail to you on Tues.
  11. PR_Princess

    14th Anniversary Mug Number Reservations

    May I have #108, please? Thank you!
  12. PR_Princess

    Feather blanks

    So sorry for the delay Kevin! I just finished posting John's new feather blanks. You can see them here -
  13. PR_Princess

    People are rude....

    LOL Ed's next project? :biggrin: Free Dog House Plans - 18 Woodworking Plans
  14. PR_Princess

    Need to make uglier, cheaper IAP mugs

    I think Mugless Dave needs to treat everyone in his office and get them their very own 2018 IAP mug. ....Can I come and work for you next February?:biggrin:
  15. PR_Princess

    Caballero Question

    Troublemaker!!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: :tongue::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  16. PR_Princess

    Intentional Scratches: Cranes in Love

    I've always loved the effects that you can get with scratchboard, especially for wildlife. And yours is outstanding Bob! Simply gorgeous! What a wonderful Valentines gift!!!
  17. PR_Princess

    2017 Mug Sale Open

    WhooHoo! Ordered. Everything worked great. Thanks Jeff! (LOL Can't believe I'm the first to post!)
  18. PR_Princess

    Old IAP Mugs Available

    May I have the 9th one please? Thank You!
  19. PR_Princess

    2017 Bash Mug Number Reservations

    47 (That's 42 adjusted for inflation.) Thanks Jeff!
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