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  1. stolicky

    Complementary Pair

    Thoughts on the corresponding finials? Ebonite - Stinky, and tough to polish. I may not bother with it again. There are other black options that I think turn out just as nice. Amedeo Acrylic - A new favorite!
  2. stolicky

    Letting members know

    Mia received her packages today. I created a new thread with the proper thank you. Mia was very surprised, as she was not expected anything (I didn't let her know). She just wanted Stonepecker to be better. Thank you to all.
  3. stolicky

    Thank you - Youth 13 and Under Contest - BASH 2019

    Thank you Jeff, Michael Redburn, Stonepecker, Dawn, Ed, and others I cannot name but I know worked behind the scenes. Mia came home today to not one, but two packages! Exotic Blanks donated a package that included pens, blanks, and an engraved mug (i.e. a practical trophy), and a second...
  4. stolicky

    An observation

    Duncan, et. al., A couple of thoughts and questions. I am now on the board of the NWA, which is the parent organization of the AWA (i.e. Totally Turning) and the organization that handles Showcase. You may have seen me bouncing around with my camera and one of my kids. On a side note - I...
  5. stolicky

    2019 NWA Showcase and Totally Turning

    Pictures from this year:
  6. stolicky

    Help, ID pen kit

    Lazerlinez, Eagle Pen Kit, or similar?
  7. stolicky

    Hello from Hurley NY

    Welcome. If you haven't already, look up the Northeastern Woodworkers Association ( There are turning Special Interest Groups (SIGS) where you can learn from others - it is a valuable resource. If you can, try to make it up to Saratoga the last weekend of this month. It is...
  8. stolicky

    Youth 13 and Under Contest - BASH 2019 WINNERS

    It looks like an “Xray poly” pen blank you can get from Bear Tooth Woods. It is cool.
  9. stolicky

    Youth 13 and Under Contest Vote

    Yes, thank you to all. I can wait to tell my daughter in the morning. All entries are really winners and we can only hope they take on this crazy hobby we all enjoy.
  10. stolicky

    2019 Superbowl Pool!

    Bumping it up again.
  11. stolicky

    2019 Superbowl Pool!

    I will take a second square if needed. I am surprised it has not filled up yet!
  12. stolicky

    2019 Superbowl Pool!

    I’m in. Thank you for doing this again.
  13. stolicky

    Question about hollowing

    It is generally not safe to face turn with any tools that have a small tang going into the handle. Examples include most spindle roughing gouges and skews. The tang can break with a bad catch. You can carefully use a skew on the outside of a form like a negative rake scraper, but not to...
  14. stolicky

    Stadium Lumber pen blanks and more.

    Blank Order If you have them, I would like (I copied a format from above): Boston Garden: 1 @ 5" + 1 extra COA ($20) Fenway Park: 3 @ 5" + 3 extra COA ($51) Yankee Stadium: 1 @ 5" + 1 extra COA ($22) Memorial Stadium (Baltimore): 1 gray @ 5" ($9) Please PM your paypal info. Thank you!
  15. stolicky

    2018 NWA Showcase and Totally Turning

    Here are pics from this year. I entered a bamboo and walnut bicycle and managed to get a 1st place ribbon. ONLY, to be overshadowed by my 8 year old achieving a hat trick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! She won two ribbons for pens and one for a wooden car she made for her 3rd grade egg race car project...
  16. stolicky

    2018 SUPERBOWL POOL!!!

    I'm in. I've been doing this for years and I'm due! :)
  17. stolicky

    26th Annual Woodworkers Showcase April 1 and 2 - Saratoga Springs NY

    Below is the link, enjoy. Happy to see more people bring pens this year.
  18. stolicky

    26th Annual Woodworkers Showcase April 1 and 2 - Saratoga Springs NY

    I will be around all weekend taking pics for the club again. Once they are uploaded I will post my usually link to share them. I hope the turn out is still good with this storm hanging around...
  19. stolicky

    2016 NWA Showcase and Totally Turning

    My annual link to pics from the show. Unfortunately, there were not many pens this year. My submission was absent due to the construction of the new shop. Its been a long time without a lathe set up. I will have something for next year...
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