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  1. m4skinner

    watch part blacks

    I have a few Jr series watch part blanks available. They are $70.00 per set plus shipping. They are cast in liquid diamonds. The sets are number so if your interested just let me know what number(s) .
  2. m4skinner

    Fan favorite pen from MPG Chicago 2019

    Here is the pen I did with one of my watch part blanks I made for the Best Rollerball / Fountain Pen contest at MPG 2019, I didn't win that contest but it did win the fan favorite and I was so surprised, thanks for all the votes.
  3. m4skinner

    new blanks

    It's been awhile since I post any new blanks on here so here are a few. The ones pictured are for sierra but can cast them for about any kit. contact me for prices. Brass braid as for me and my house peacock
  4. m4skinner

    psi bolt action tec pen

    does anyone have a psi bolt action tec pen kit and could measure the tube ? I have bought the extra tubes for the kit but the length of the tubes don't match what the instructions say, the tubes measure 2.5 and the instructions say 2.4 Thanks
  5. m4skinner

    binks pots

    Who all uses a binks pot for casting ? what size and model number do you have. I need to find a seal for mine, and can't seem to find one.
  6. m4skinner

    A few new blanks

    Here are a few new blanks from Custom Cast Blanks Blanks are $12.00 each plus shipping, available for bolt action, sierra and other kits also. Vietnam Ribbon Purple Heart ribbon All gave some/pow mia Thin blue line, blue lives matter Thin blue line, one at risk.
  7. m4skinner

    tube length

    I am looking for the tube length for the Spiritual pen kit, its available from a few different vendors but the instructions don't have a tube lenght neither does the IAP app. So if someone has a kit that can measure a tube that would be great. Thanks
  8. m4skinner

    Inventory Reduction sale 2018

    Custom Cast Blanks is having a inventory reduction sale on current stock label cast blanks. So check out my sale and let me know what blank you need.
  9. m4skinner

    July 4th sale

    Check out my July 4th sale now thru July 7th, on single tube label cast blanks. Message me to order.
  10. m4skinner


    New steampunk blank I cast and turned.
  11. m4skinner

    Razor Handle

    Something new thin blue line flag razor handle.
  12. m4skinner

    steampunk blanks

    A couple new Psi steampunk blanks I cast.
  13. m4skinner

    Pen for my brother

    Here is a rollerball pen I made for my brother. I also cast the blanks.
  14. m4skinner

    some of my pens

    Here are a few of my pens I have made with blanks that I cast.
  15. m4skinner

    blanks I made

    a few of my newest blanks I cast.
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