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  1. bsshog40

    Did I miss a software upgrade?

    I've been pretty busy at work lately and haven't done any turning. Haven't been here much either. When I logged in, WOW, it looks like the forum has changed dramatically. Did my computer go haywire or did we upgrade? I also notice I couldn't find a "TOP" button to get to the top of a thread. Am...
  2. bsshog40

    Got my late friends old lathe

    So my former neighbors were and still are great friends. My friend Bill passed away back in august and his wife wanted me to have his old craftsman lathe. He hadn't used it in years and I was finally able to pick it up last wknd when my wife and I visited her. It was pretty rough looking when I...
  3. bsshog40

    New Ice cream scoop

    Well I've been pretty busy at work lately but finally got a day to mess around a bit. I've had this blank ready for quite some time and decided to turn a scoop today. Thanks for looking!
  4. bsshog40

    My first ice scoop

    Didn't turn out too bad. I plan on making my mom and sister a set of Ice cream scoops, pizza cutter, bottle opener, coffee scoop and bottle stopper for Christmas. So It looks like I'll be practicing on a few things before then. Lol
  5. bsshog40

    My first at Bone turning

    I got a free box of wood a while back at a gun show. It had this one piece of bone in it also. There is a pic of it below also and not sure what the bone is from. Anyway, below are two bolt action pens. I decided not to fill the porous sides to them and just leave them natural. I finished them...
  6. bsshog40

    Help filling bone pores

    So I got a hunk of bone in a box of wood a while back. I finally turned it down to be used for a pen blank. One side is really nice but the other side is very porous. I sanded off some of the bone not being used and collected a bit of powder. I asking what might be the best way to fill the pores...
  7. bsshog40

    My US Army Bolt Action

    I seen someone post one of these a while back and it really caught my eye. Being an Army Veteran myself, I took a search out for the blank. Found it on Etsy and just got around to turning it today. No finish, just MM to 12,000.
  8. bsshog40

    Hoping my pens will help with my anniversary! Lol

    So next month is mine and my wife's anniversary. I just reserved us a nice stay at a nice B&B house in Fredericksburg,Tx.. I found this pen album on ebay and bought it a little while back just to put pens in. Well my wife is a mngr for CVS and all of the Corporate big wigs are coming in to see...
  9. bsshog40

    And one other loser that I liked!

    As I'm a Harley owner, I couldn't resist buying this Hogwild acrylic blank. Another Comfort pen kit. I did the finish with just MM up to 12,000. I forgot to add that I had to paint the tubes with orange acrylic paint as this was pretty translucent and I could see the brass tube pass thru before...
  10. bsshog40

    A segmented comfort pen

    So this was my entry into the segmented pen contest. I think I got about 3 votes. Lol Doesn't matter as the other contenders really had some nice looking work. Just shows me I have a long way to go. Anyway, I took some Mango and Dalbergia wood to make the main body stripes. I then bordered the...
  11. bsshog40

    Bandsaw blades

    So as I'm looking at a new bandsaw, it leaves me with another question. The bandsaw I'm thinking of getting comes with a 6tpi 1/2"wide hook blade. I'm pretty sure that will be fine for large cutting but when really getting fine cuts for blanks, I'm gonna need something different. I was thinking...
  12. bsshog40

    14" or 17" Bandsaw?

    So I have a 20 yr old 10" bench top bandsaw. The motors finally getting weak, I just replaced the capacitor a while back and the 1/3hp motor just doesn't seem strong enough to cut some bone. It actually slowed my blade down enough that it broke my blade. So I'm thinking it's time to upgrade. As...
  13. bsshog40

    Treid out my Wire Burner on a Stopper today.

    So I've been wanting to make a wire burner and finally stopped at the music store yesterday and picked up a couple guitar strings. I had a piece of 1" dowel rod so I threw it together. I had a Bottle Stopper blank ready to turn so I thought I would turn it today and try out the burner. It did...
  14. bsshog40

    I love mystery wood!

    There was only one blank of this wood in a box of wood I got. I have no clue what it is. I just had a feeling that it was going to turn and look nice. Thought it would look good on a larger pen also so I chose this Classic Rollerball for it's mate. Lol
  15. bsshog40

    A couple slimlines for a nice lady!

    So I posted over the wknd that a lady gave me a box of wood for free. I got her business card and emailed her for her address as I wanted to send her something. So I made these slimlines out of some of the wood she gave me. The darker one is Brazilian Walnut. The other I'm not sure. I know I've...
  16. bsshog40

    Got some free wood today

    Me and the wife went to our local gun and knife show today. There was a lady had a couple boxes of small packaged wood for sale. The wife mentioned that I turned pens. She says" Well I have a box for you and you can have it for free". So I got her business card and I will be sending her out a...
  17. bsshog40

    A couple more bottle stoppers

    The first one is just a standard stopper. It was done with Babinga wood. The 2nd is a stopper/corkscrew combo. I wound up doing a double recess in this to make it all flush. Done with Zebrawood.
  18. bsshog40

    So I'm just starting Bottle Stoppers.

    These are actually pretty fun. Trying to figure out how I want to shape them is even more fun. So here are the only 3 I've done so far. From 1st to 3rd. Lol
  19. bsshog40

    Practicing up for the segment contest!

    I'm far from some of the work I've seen here, but with a little more practice, I think I'll get close one day. Here's one I decided not to use. It is a combination of Oak and Cherry wood.
  20. bsshog40

    Is there a certain area for the Bash Contests?

    I've been trying to go back and read the rules for the different Bash Contests being held but can never find the threads. Are they in a certain category? Thanks!
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