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  1. PR_Princess

    Looking for Volunteers Please.

    There is a new feature on Exotics now, and I would appreciate some help before we take it to "prime time". I am looking for about half a dozen or so folks to help in testing. Please PM me and let me know if you would be interested in helping. ...There is even a rumor floating around that it...
  2. PR_Princess

    WhooHoo!!! Mac is back!!!

    Early this week, my computer (that I do most of the Exotics work on) suddenly developed an issue. Ends up we had to make an appointment for the Genius Bar at Apple. (I think I'm in love with that store!) After a couple of tests, turns out that the SSD Hard Drive came up... (LOL dare I say the...
  3. PR_Princess

    Yes, this is English!!!!

    Northern Ireland Schoolboy Makes Internet Swoon With Possibly The Best Accent Ever Uncut version - So how many words did you get?? :tongue::cool: Edit in: For those that do not know, I "grew up" in Northern Ireland. So when I saw this young lad...
  4. PR_Princess

    Tell Me Why I Get Up Again?

    Brushed off the satellite dish this morning. While I was out I practiced taking a few pics with my new iphone. And yes, these ARE in color! :eek:
  5. PR_Princess

    Mars Frequent Flyer Miles Anyone?

    Orion is NASA's new deep space spacecraft, and NASA's letting you tag along for the ride...on a microchip. Kind of a cool thing for the kids and grand-kids... especially when someday they can say "Hey, my name just arrived on Mars!!!" :biggrin: Get them on board here.. Send Your Name to Mars...
  6. PR_Princess

    7 Mins Start to Finish...

    CONID KINGSIZE BULKFILLER - The Making Of - YouTube This showed up in my FB "inbox" this morning. Thought it was pretty cool and thought you might too! :cool:
  7. PR_Princess

    How it Works!

    Good Question Dan!!! Short answer....Yes! But you decide which. :smile: Points will be rewarded based on your purchases. It includes everything on the Exotics site, except partner blanks.There is no minimum or maximum and points will not expire. You can choose to use the points right away...
  8. PR_Princess

    New Pen Protector

    Ever have that nagging problem of your pens discovering legs and walking off at work? :mad::mad::mad: Well, sometimes circumstances just demand...... High power pen protection!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Defend Your Cubicle With A Nerf Sentry Gun...
  9. PR_Princess

    Happy New Year!!!

    I wish to thank each of one of you for helping us make last year a very memorable and enjoyable year. It is because of all of you that Ed and I get to keep doing what we love doing. Thank you, and Happy New Year Everyone!!! (And if I don't have to change the website again in 2014, I for...
  10. PR_Princess

    Whole new meaning to "Had a Ball"

    After a rather long night of working on the computer, I thought that I would take a bit of break, and I ran into this on the web. It is a real Amazon review. Review 5.0 out of 5 stars Had a ball August 9, 2013 By George Takei TOP 500 REVIEWER When Brad...
  11. PR_Princess

    What does a Princess do on a day off?

    With a day job and Exotics, its been sometime since I had a day for a little R & R, but just I couldn't resist taking one yesterday. Being a bit of a Trekkie, and with the cast of the Next Generation (and DS9!) in Chicago, I just had to go check it out! :tongue::biggrin: There were lots of...
  12. PR_Princess

    In the Spirit.

    When I opened a box this week, inside was a note that read in part.. " I often think the character in wood resembles the spirit of an animal. I could have sworn I saw the spirit of a goat in this maple." A couple of months ago, I thought that it would be good to have a bit of fun "lighten...
  13. PR_Princess

    Vendor Sponsored Contests

    Are we having them for this bash??? :confused: How will that affect the prize gathering and donations??
  14. PR_Princess

    Farewell but hopefully not goodbye.

    The last flight the shuttle Atlantis ended safely yesterday, and with that the 30 year shuttle program has now officially drawn to a close. In those three decades the shuttle program has had both its triumphs, and its tragedies. (Racine lost one of its own on the ill fated Columbia.) I have...
  15. PR_Princess

    Sad News

    We just learned of Hank Bardenhagen's passing from Jason Swanson. Hank gave Ed his first lesson in turning (where he tells the tale of how he broke the skew), and Hank would still stop in every once in a while to check up on him. Hank seemed to know just about every one, and always had a...
  16. PR_Princess

    The Endeavour

    She launched today, the next to last. It reminded of this photo that a dear friend emailed me a few months back....STS 134 on the pad as she awaited her finial trip into the heavens. It's one of those photos that just kinda makes you stare in wonder. If you hadn't seen the it before, I...
  17. PR_Princess


    Home of the Bulls, Bears and Cubs, Deep Dish Pizza, Al Capone and Speak Easys, the Sears Tower, the Magnificent Mile, Second City, the Blues Brothers, the CME, and ......this weekend, the Chicago Pen Show. Anyone going???
  18. PR_Princess

    Happy Birthday JT!!

    Somewhere......... :biggrin: Hope you have a great day today!!! :present::cake::beer:
  19. PR_Princess

    A Farewell to Handwriting?

    This article ran on CBS Sunday Morning a few weeks ago... (The embed was disabled so I just posted the link.) If you didn't catch it the article the first time, it's worth watching (or re-watching). Pretty interesting, and entertaining! Bit on...
  20. PR_Princess

    Happy Birthday Russianwolf!!

    Happy Birthday Mike!!!!! I hope there is still some cake left when you get home!!! :cake::cake::cake::party:
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