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    Thoughts and Prayers Please

    Lifting you up in prayer.
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    Membership Cards

    I don't think that the $5 nominal fee would be unreasonable at all, even more if necessary and I think that it is an awesome idea and I would honored to have one.
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    New guy from South Carolina

    Welcome from Florida.
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    New member in Manhattan, KS

    Welcome to the group from a rookie in Florida.
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    New guy from South Carolina

    Welcome to a wonderful group of true craftsmen and just wonderful people.
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    Direct from Egypt

    Those are just incredible Mark.
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    If you kill rattlesnakes for pens....

    Sadly, I graduated at the top of my class from the "Scream like an 8 yr. old girl" with regard to snakes. I even have nightmares about them. Although, I did eat rattlesnake meat while stationed in Texas while in the Air Force. Wasn't too bad actually. I don't mind snakes if I run into them as...
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    Collaboration w/Mark James

    Mark is an amazingly talented craftsman and artisan.
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    Insulated Tumbler

    I have been using the Ozark Trail and loving it for several years. They are every bit as good as any other in my humble opinion. As for decorating, the sky is the limit. There is a whole cottage industry now of people who are even using PR (Poly Resin) to decorate them by making devices to...
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    More Leftovers

    That is awesome!
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    A Couple of Hybrids

    Love those.
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    I'm back!

    Greetings friends!, At 65 years of age as of this past April, I am having health issues which sometimes keep me from being able to work and do pens. I have also been in Bible College and Seminary for the past few years and that has kept me pretty busy too. But, I am back and making pens...
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    learn from me...A $500 pen should last

    Amazingly beautiful pen but where do you get the damascus to turn and how does it do?
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    A few high ends from today.

    I can just imagine how a molten metal would look on a Majestic Rollerball. Might have to try one.
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    I like pen kits with longer barrels to showcase the blank - Green Burl

    That is beautiful to say the least.
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    Paw Pens by Kenneth Vines

    How can I contact him Tony? A very dear friend at church runs a Pit Bull rescue operation and I would like to get her one done in pink.
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    A bit hesitant to do this...

    Those are excellent, don't short change yourself at all. Keep turning and you will get better and better.
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    Jerusalem signing pen

    It would not surprise me at all if he used a cigar pen made of BOW to sign with. That is awesome if it is the case.
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    New Minister

    Thank you guys, I appreciate the thanks and compliments.
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