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  1. stolicky

    Complementary Pair

    Thoughts on the corresponding finials? Ebonite - Stinky, and tough to polish. I may not bother with it again. There are other black options that I think turn out just as nice. Amedeo Acrylic - A new favorite!
  2. stolicky

    Thank you - Youth 13 and Under Contest - BASH 2019

    Thank you Jeff, Michael Redburn, Stonepecker, Dawn, Ed, and others I cannot name but I know worked behind the scenes. Mia came home today to not one, but two packages! Exotic Blanks donated a package that included pens, blanks, and an engraved mug (i.e. a practical trophy), and a second...
  3. stolicky

    2019 NWA Showcase and Totally Turning

    Pictures from this year:
  4. stolicky

    2018 NWA Showcase and Totally Turning

    Here are pics from this year. I entered a bamboo and walnut bicycle and managed to get a 1st place ribbon. ONLY, to be overshadowed by my 8 year old achieving a hat trick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! She won two ribbons for pens and one for a wooden car she made for her 3rd grade egg race car project...
  5. stolicky

    2016 NWA Showcase and Totally Turning

    My annual link to pics from the show. Unfortunately, there were not many pens this year. My submission was absent due to the construction of the new shop. Its been a long time without a lathe set up. I will have something for next year...
  6. stolicky

    2014 NWA Showcase and Totally Turning

  7. stolicky

    2013 NWA Showcase & Totally Turning

    Shots from the symposium: 2013 NWA Showcase & Totally Turning - a set on Flickr
  8. stolicky

    UPS Shipping oops

    I know there have been many threads about shipping issues, but I had to share this one... I ordered a product on Friday 4/13, and it was supposed to be shipped UPS 2-day. I figured it might not ship until Monday, but that was fine. Well, on both Monday and Tuesday the estimated delivery was...
  9. stolicky

    NWA Showcase & Totally Turning 2012

    NWA Showcase & Totally Turning 2012 Here is a link to snapshots I took this weekend. Feel free to flip through them. You are welcome to use the pictures, but please respect the copyright and any art in the pictures. Thank you. I hope you enjoy them. 2012 NWA Showcase & Totally...
  10. stolicky

    2011 Totally Turning Photos

    I went around the 2011 NWA Showcase and Totally Turning and snapped a lot of pics. Part of it was for me, and part was for the club. There was so much to see I figured I could always go back and take a closer look at what was there when I had more time. Oh, I also had to practice with the new...
  11. stolicky

    A few recent Roller balls

    Carbon fiber Zen, Thuya Burl Rinehart, Bolivian Rosewood Triton, Bloody Basin Red Jasper Jr. Gent, Buckeye Burl with malachite inlay Retro (LauLau flavor), and Black Mother of Pearl Tru-stone on a Jr. Gent.
  12. stolicky

    A few recent Ballpoints

    Here are few that I completed recently. The pink and purple are Dawn's. The stained glass is Ankrom Exotics'. The ringed necked feathers are Mr. Underhill's.
  13. stolicky

    Jr. Victor Black with Gold Matrix

    Its been a while since I posted a new pen here. This was a custom order, as I do not generally make gold plated pens. I read a post somewhere in the last couple of weeks where someone commented how difficult and messy this Tru-stone is to turn. I can definitely agree with that statement. It...
  14. stolicky

    Statesman Blank Length

    I am looking to order a full-sized Statesman kit (never made one) and some tru-stone. From different vendors (both IAP members) I can get the tru-stone I want in either 5" or 5.5". The 5" is currently much less than the 5.5". However, according to the CSUSA Web site, it says the kit requires...
  15. stolicky


    This looks interesting:
  16. stolicky

    Mid-Sized Boxes

    [not sure if this was the correct place to post this - its not really pen making] Just wondering what people like to use as relatively inexpensive pen boxes that fit the Jr./Baron/Sedona sized pens? My site search is not being too productive. I really like Monty's boxes, but they don't...
  17. stolicky

    Practicing Segmenting

    Here are a couple I just finished. Each is colored veneer, acrylic, and figured maple. The maple on the Sedona is a piece from bryanjon. I really should get some pick guard. It would make life much easier....
  18. stolicky

    Wenge "Cigar" Pen

    Its been a while since I have posted a pen. Actually, I haven't made one in a while. Been busy with exploring larger things on the bigger lathe when I get time away from work, the baby, and pushing snow around... Anyway, here is my attempt at making a pen that looks like a cigar when it is...
  19. stolicky

    Grinder Wheels Questions

    I know there have been many discussions about grinder wheels, and I have searched many of them, and on different forums.... The quick question is - Does anyone know what the equivalent hardness level is for the 120 grit wheel that comes on the WC slow speed grinder? i.e. I, K, something else...
  20. stolicky

    Craft Supplies 15% Sale 12/30/09

    FYI Because we all needed more stuff, right? : )
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