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  1. Wingdoctor

    Have you been burnt out

    I know what you are talking about. I lost my oldest son in January 2015, 46 years old. I have not had the desire to make anything since. I am not sure why exactly, it just seemed to be not as important anymore. I am beginning to get the desire to head to the basement again so maybe soon I will...
  2. Wingdoctor

    Good Afternoon from Columbus, OH!

    Welcome from the South Side of Columbus.
  3. Wingdoctor

    Ever had one of those days???

    As the Amish say, "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get"
  4. Wingdoctor

    How many pen blanks do you have?

    At least 500 cut, with much wood to cut to make many more.
  5. Wingdoctor

    possible scam

    I've got a couple of these lately also. As soon as I saw there was an attachment I hit the delete button. Some people have too much time on their hands.
  6. Wingdoctor


    If they are carbon steel, common nuts, and not stainless they will rust.
  7. Wingdoctor

    It's Been a While!

    Wow! Very nice.
  8. Wingdoctor

    Help!!! Why did this happen???

    I had cracks like those at one time, and I attributed them to the accelerator. I changed cans and greatly reduced the amount of accelerator, eliminated it for thin CA eventually, and have had no additional problems. As I changed 2 things at once I cannot say for sure it was the accelerator. I...
  9. Wingdoctor

    Shop Fox W1741 8" 3hp Jointer

  10. Wingdoctor

    Shop Fox W1741 8" 3hp Jointer

    I purchased this new and as I have retired and interest in some of my woodworking has waned I am selling some of my less used equipment. This jointer is 8", 3hp, with a 4 knife head. I have used it lightly and it is in excellent condition. The overall photo is from Shop Fox and the one of the...
  11. Wingdoctor

    Win 10 help

    To get your old favorites from IE, click on the 3 lines to the right of the star in the header. Then click Favorites Settings, There is an option to import your favorites from IE.
  12. Wingdoctor

    General 75-050 Mortiser

    Sold, Thanks.
  13. Wingdoctor

    Abalone Parade - Cream

  14. Wingdoctor

    Tormek Super Grind 2006, w/Turners Kit

    Sold, Thanks.
  15. Wingdoctor

    Tormek Super Grind 2006, w/Turners Kit

    I have to guess the weight as I do not have a scale. If the unit weighs 25 lbs, UPS says ground freight is $48.60. If you are agreeable to the $350 cost I will discount the shipping to $30 for a total of $380 shipped.
  16. Wingdoctor

    General 75-050 Mortiser

    Item 2 in my shop downsizing is a General 75-050T Tilting Mortiser. I know that this not a turning item but many of us do create other projects beside turnings. This has also been used lightly and is in great condition. It has bits for 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2" mortises. I believe I have only...
  17. Wingdoctor

    Tormek Super Grind 2006, w/Turners Kit

    I am downsizing my shop and will be selling a few items. This is a Tormek Super Grind 2006, w/Turners Kit that I purchased in 2006. The Woodcraft receipt and ad called it a 2006 but the label on the grinder is 2000. I believe they change the designation each year but the model stays basically...
  18. Wingdoctor

    Sea salt giveaway

    T would love to try some.
  19. Wingdoctor

    Need help with Bennett for ring making

    Joe Woodworker has about any veneer you might want. Excellent quality and service. Exotic Wood Veneer, Vacuum Press Systems, Veneering Tools and Veneering Supplies
  20. Wingdoctor

    Heat wave!

    I really wish I was north of you in Sedona and could enjoy some good AZ sunshine. It was 4 degrees here this morning. Brrrr!
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