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    Surprise bowl

    Had this piece of glue lam beam laying around for years, saw a demo on bowls from flat boards. Wanted to try something different it is about 6.5 wide by 4 tall Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
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    Flat top tool rest

    Was ordering a offset sanding jig from Rick Herrell and saw the flat top tool rest. Cannot believe how much easier it is to use carbide tools. No more guessing if I am level, hold it flat to rest and more into the piece. I am embarrassed putting such a nice tool rest on my lathe [emoji15]...
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    Left Handed

    I had a customer ask which is the best style refill to use if you are left handed. to stop smearing ball point, rollerball, gel, fountain?
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    Heading to Roanoke and Charlottesville VA

    Just wondering if there is any special wood dealers in the Roanoke or Charlottesville VA area. I will be flying down to drive me wife back from summer school and will spend 1 night in Roanke and then two nights in Charlottesville.
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    Help with wood ID

    I was given a pile of the wood in rough sawn boards form over 25 years ago. I thought my uncle told me it was red oak, which I believed because the boards were red. I have been moving this around for years, final got around to turning it. But it turned very easily and gave off a powder chip, and...
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    So, on my way to...

    I was on my way to the auto parts store when I heard "that" sound :eek: screeching brakes. I looked in the reartview mirror and there was a Mazda B3000. So after what seems like 20 minutes in slow motion, I felt the impact and was pushed 15 feet just miss the car in front of me. Both of us we...
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    Table saw stand

    Any one coming to the meeting in need of a table saw stand, I have an extra one. It has a dead saw on it, which is going to the scrap yard, stand will go to the scrap pile if nobody needs it. I also have 2 miter sqr, that do not fit my shopsmith, not sure if anybody could use them to build jigs.
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    Waterman article

    Saw this in my local paper. D. Hyde may have got the first patent for a continuously flowing fountain pen, but it took a Brooklyn-based insurance broker to refine the design and come up with a more practical and marketable fountain pen. According to “In 1883, Lewis Waterman was an...
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    Did anyone here make Bob Costas pen? He is using a cigar style pen at the commentators desk.
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    Special burl

    I do not know if I could turn this burl, :eek: or if my wife would let it in the house :tongue:
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    Phillippine Kamagong

    I would to thank Mike (Russianwolf) for the wood and Cav for help figuring out Philippine Kama gong is also Philippine Persimmon tree. Here is my second fountain pen; a JR Gent is copper with a SF nib from Lou, (could not get the TM for Heritance, sorry Lou :redface:). This is for a friend’s...
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    30-? bullet pen

    I talked about this pen during the turning for the troops in Springfeild MA. We decided to name it a 30-CAV pen. I was playing with powder coating for the red, white and blue contest during the summer, and some powder mixed and came out CAV color :biggrin: so I knew I needed to make a few. Here...
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    Craftsman 10 inch benchtop bandsaw

    Anyone want a 10" craftsman band saw, a friend upgraded and gave it to me. Iit had a 1/8 blade on it as I was checking it out, it snapped, but I did cut a few pieces first. Not a bad saw but I will stick with the 14" Reliant I have. It is a direct drive and is FREE to anyone who wants pick it up...
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    Hockey clip

    I saw recently someone had asked for a hockey clip and got one from another member, but I was wondering if there is an active source for these. My daughter wants to make (me to :cool:) pens for her highschool hockey team. I have a proto type done but it would be much better with the hockey clip...
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    KAMAGONG Wood wanted

    I am looking for some Kamagong wood for a client whose father in-law grew up in the Philippines any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Michael's Coupon

    I just found this coupon for 50% off 1 item and thought others may want it. This where I got my Pearlex powders the 12 color kits were around $25 before the coupon. This one is only good till Sat 9 - 19
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    Kalamata Olive wood

    I was wondering if anybody has a source for Kalamata Olive wood, I have a few Greek friends that own a nice restaurant and I was thinking that would be a great gift.
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    Herd of Moose

    I scored some very nice moose antler :biggrin:, the lady who I got them from wanted some pens, so I made a few and she bought 4 :wink: the 2 click and 2 Europeans. The European with the Marine emblem went to Seattle to my cousins son who just got back from his second tour of Iraq.
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    Demo for next meeting

    Neil was asking for a demo sugestions for the next meeting, I always hear people say light cuts and sharp tools. How about a sharpening demo.
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    Horrible Meeting...

    Ok, The meeting was not horrible , it was very good with lots of information and fun. The trip home is what sucked, nothing better than getting a flat tire on the MassPike while driving the wifes car. pull over to the side and curse, get out and look ing the trunk, NO SPARE or well for a spare...
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