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  1. Marmotjr

    Arrow of Light

    Well, having both my arrow of light, and an Eagle Scout, I'd love to know how you did this.....
  2. Marmotjr

    Mug Time!

    Mug is excellent! Thanks Jeff!
  3. Marmotjr

    Super Bowl Pool ?????

    Go tribe!
  4. Marmotjr

    Magic Mushrooms

    Those would make great little game pieces!
  5. Marmotjr

    got free chuck no key

    Go dig around in industrial machine reseller shops. Or old school hardware stores. The resellers usually have a bin of parts and bits for various machines, you might score a key of the right size. My local hardware store also deals with such stuff, and it would be the first place I try for...
  6. Marmotjr

    What NOT to do with CA

    Picture I saw on Fb the other day: (can't find the original, but I thought of this when I saw it): "Wife asked me for the lip balm. By accident, I handed her the crazy glue. She hasn't spoken to me since."
  7. Marmotjr

    14th Anniversary Mug Number Reservations

    #102 if it's still free, if not, don't care, just would like a mug.
  8. Marmotjr

    Anyone use a mini dust hood

    I just used a piece of 8" PVC pipe, cut in half, or there abouts. Glued and screwed a large piece of scrap onto the back, and drilled a 2.5" hole on the back for the DC hose to plug into. Built a small little arm so it mounts directly onto the ways next to the head stock, out of the way...
  9. Marmotjr

    3D printing

    I've had prints take upto 22 hours, depending on detail level, size, and infill. The general public and media make 3d printing out to be some magical technology. It's not when you start to learn more about it. There are printers of a variety of sizes and methods of fabrication. Some use...
  10. Marmotjr

    What to do when you mix too much resin

    I've 3d printed out a variety of thingies that would make good molds, but I've only made a mold of a star knob for jigs and such. In the shop at work we pour the excess resin into cracks in the floor :). Nice little candle!
  11. Marmotjr

    Air Filtration

    The WEN has been getting excellent reviews on other forums, and I have been happy with the tools of theirs I have tried and or owned.
  12. Marmotjr

    December Holiday Potluck

    A loose 2, maybe 2 1/2. Looking forward to it.
  13. Marmotjr

    Wood from Egypt

    I just picked up some Thuya Burl blanks from Bell Forest for Xmas gifts. They are a gorgeous wood, and you aren't kidding about that aroma! Thanks for that link!
  14. Marmotjr

    2MT accessory storage

    If you're up to putting in a french cleat system, you can build a rack and swap them out as you see fit. When I rebuild my lathe station, it will have a FC tool rack, MT2 rack, and a Chuck and Jaws rack.
  15. Marmotjr

    Trend Airshield Pro filters

    Granger, Uline, and McMaster Carr should all have them too. The instructions usually give a specified usage time for each filter. Usually on a mask you can tell by the amount you have to work to breathe if it's time or not, but on a PAPR style system, that might be a little difficult. I'd...
  16. Marmotjr

    Accessories Question

    There are also sets of accessories that will work on only specific makes/models of lathes. Some duplicators will only fit ways that have a given dimension. Bed extensions are usually for a very specific make/model. Spindle size also has to be accounted for, a chuck designed for a 1"x 8...
  17. Marmotjr

    Stripped Quill

    Oh good idea. I was planning on just tapping it out to the next bigger size, and grinding down the tip of the bolt to fit in the slot on the quill. But your idea would allow for a repair hopefully stronger than the original. Thanks! It'll be a bit before I can undertake this. It'll give...
  18. Marmotjr

    Stripped Quill

    Noticed tonight the threads that hold the bolt that tightens the quill down have stripped out. Yes, user error, I may have been applying a bit too much pressure. TurnCrafter 10" VS. Suggestions? For clarification, the female end that is cast into the tail stock has stripped, not the bolt.
  19. Marmotjr

    Tool Size

    But I do believe you are biased ;) I found the benjamins best 3 pc pen turning set on amazon to be just the right size for me. Skew, gouge, parting tool. A year of teaching myself freehand sharpening has left the gouge nothing but a nub, but the parting tool and skew see lots of use on a...
  20. Marmotjr

    Thought I had more drill bits.

    I'm assuming the plates are store bought, as He seems to be missing most of the drill bits required to make it.... EDIT: Nope, didn't see page two lol!
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