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  1. Herb G

    Sometimes, Life Gets In the Way...

    I owed out a BOB for the last BASH. I had every intention of sending it out ASAP. Well, I was fighting off the flu. It was the worst I've had in the last 25 years. I literally thought I was going to die, and I even got the flu shot this year. Well, I finally got over it after a month, then my...
  2. Herb G

    Does anyone recall a thread on back painting...

    Where someone did 3 or 4 of the exact same blanks & left one plain brass on the tube, and the others were different paints so you could see the difference it made? I know I saw it but I can't find it now. Does anyone recall this thread or have a link to it? Thanks for any help.
  3. Herb G

    How many blanks do you keep on hand?

    In conjunction with my other question, it's only human nature to ask how many blanks you keep on hand. I don't know how many wood blanks I have, but probably enough for the rest of my life. I have 2 large Rubbermaid storage bins full of wood blanks here. I will have to sell off some of them...
  4. Herb G

    How many pen kits do you keep on hand?

    Just a straight forward question. I have about 25 pen kits on hand at any given time. How many do you have laying around?
  5. Herb G

    Large Pink Ivory Blanks

    Up for sale are 2 Pink Ivory spindle blanks. They are 1.5" X 1.5" X 10" or so. They are completely sealed in wax, so the true color is off in the pics. They are being offered for $40 each, plus shipping. They should fit in a FRPE but I'm not positive on that. Either way, you only pay for actual...
  6. Herb G

    Need a source of nickel Gatsby tubes

    Anyone know where I can buy nickel Gatsby (or it's clones) nickel plated tubes?
  7. Herb G

    Very Rare Curly Asian Satinwood Spindle Blanks

    Up for sale are 6 very rare & very beautiful Curly Asian Satinwood spindle blanks. They are 1.5" X 1.5" X 12" long. They are kiln dried & have been sitting in my climate controlled private stash room for about 8-10 years. No apologies in this lot whatsoever. No cracks, splits, checks, dents or...
  8. Herb G

    EIR Bowl Blank

    Up for sale is a beautiful East Indian Rosewood bowl blank. The actual size is marked on it. Asking $50 plus actual shipping. It will not fit in a FRPE, but it will fit in a MFRB. All sides are shown. No apologies on this specimen. No cracks, checks, or flaws of any kind. Thanks for looking...
  9. Herb G

    Happy Birthday Charlie W

    Many more to you my friend. :smile:
  10. Herb G

    Large East Indian Rosewood Spindle Blanks...very rare these days

    I am selling 6 large East Indian Rosewood spindle blanks. They are all 2" X 2" X 12" or so. I will only ship these to the 50 USA states due to CITES regulations. If you buy all 6, I will kick in 25% towards shipping. These are first grade, no splits, cracks, checks, chips or flaws of any kind...
  11. Herb G

    Spectacular Spectraply Sale...

    Up for sale is a ton of Spectraply blanks. I am selling them as a set of 10 for $20 + $7.50 shipping. That's only $2 each !!! They are 3/4" X 3/4" X 5" or so. Maybe a little longer on some of them. I can ship 2 sets for that $7.50 in a FRPE. ( Flat Rate Padded Envelope ) There is no selection of...
  12. Herb G

    SNOW !!!

    We got about 12" of snow here the other day. Normally, it would shut down everything around here. I was mildly surprized to see a snow plow the same day the storm hit actually plowing our neighborhood. They really did a good job getting the streets clear this time. Next time, we might not be so...
  13. Herb G

    Which do you turn the most of?

    Acrylics or wood? I turned a lot of wood, but nowadays I find myself turning way more acrylics. I find them more interesting & challenging to turn is why. How about YOU ?? :smile:
  14. Herb G

    Large Bubinga Spindle Blanks...

    Up for sale is 6 different Bubinga (aka African Rosewood) spindle blanks. Reference: They are all 2" X 2" X 12", kiln dried, and have been sitting in a climate controlled room for the last 10 years. I will only ship these to the 50 United States because...
  15. Herb G

    Purpleheart Bowl Blanks

    I have (4) 7" X 7" X 3" thick Purpleheart bowls blanks up for sale. These are from my private stash, and have been drying in a climate controlled room for 15 years. They are bone dry. No apologies on these at all. Perfect condition, no soft spots, cracks, checks, or flaws of any kind. My medical...
  16. Herb G

    Medical Bills Force Sale of Private Stash...

    Up for sale is a one of a kind piece of Cocobolo. It has been in my private stash for over 15 years. Dues to CITES regs, it will only be shipped to the 50 United States. Absolutely no sales outside of the USA. It is 3" X 3" X 18", and sealed in wax. It is completely dry, due to being in a...
  17. Herb G

    New Year Resolutions anyone?

    Anyone have a New Year resolution? I resolve to quit smoking, lose weight, and get more shop time, if this old house doesn't kill me first. :smile:
  18. Herb G

    Merry Christmas to all

    A very Merry Christmas & a joyous New Year to one and all here. :smile:
  19. Herb G

    African Mahogany Bowl Blanks

    I have 6 blanks total. They are appx. 6" square X 3" thick. A little more or less each way. Very heavy & dense. Priced for a quick sale. Nice grain on these blanks. All blanks are very dry. No splits, cracks, or defects in this bunch. Priced at $15 each. No choice of selection at this price...
  20. Herb G

    Recommend a kit for me?

    I'm looking for a fairly ornate, but easy to assemble kit. I'd prefer a one piece barrel, and slightly longer than usual. I'd like one around 6" long, but not too heavy & uncomfortable to write with. I don't want anything thick or bulky. If you can think of such a kit, please respond. I'd like...
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