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  1. Rangertrek

    Pinto Horse Assoc. Auction Pens

    This is my 5th year commission from a master judge with the Pinto Horse Assoc. of America. These pens will be auctioned for their youth riding programs. All are in deer antler, all have laser engraving of various Pinto Associations. One stand is laser engraved, and one is done with uv ink...
  2. Rangertrek

    Manzanita Burl Hybrid

    I have a few hybrid blanks and one cholla cactus for sale. $10 each plus ship. See 'penblanks' in the Vendor Forums. I also have 3D printed molds for segmented resin casting at my website.
  3. Rangertrek

    Manzanita Burl Hybrid

    I have a few Hybrid blanks available with Manzanita Burl wood and royal palm resin. Also one, Cholla Cactus part turned to show colors. All are 3/4 x 5-1/4". $10 each, plus $3.50 shipping for 2 blanks, and $7.00 for 3+ blanks. Manzanita: A - Emerald Green, B - Emerald Green, C - Paradise...
  4. Rangertrek

    Playing cards series 3D molds

    I have a new series of 3D printed molds for casting with resins. Playing card series, these are setup for Sierra types; but, can be done for the upper barrel of Baron type pens. Available at my web site ( , $4 each, plus ship cost of $3.50 for up to 6 molds.
  5. Rangertrek

    More New Mold Designs

    I have been busy printing 3D molds and appreciate the orders for my molds. I have a few more new designs that are available on my website. Discounts are available for larger quantity orders, so contact me. I also have a few new colors and a 'glow in the dark'...
  6. Rangertrek

    Wood Pen Blanks

    I have added a few species of Wood Pen Blanks to the store. Reasonable prices, some have limited quantities.
  7. Rangertrek

    Iron Clad (Steampunk) Blanks

    Some new blanks I have been making. Iron Clad series in various colors. Colors include: bronze, silver, copper, green, blue
  8. Rangertrek

    Iron Clad (Steampunk)

    New in the Store Iron Clad blanks, tubed for Sierra. Colors vary: bronze, silver, green, blue, copper. Only 12 available Store page - Pen Blanks (tubed)
  9. Rangertrek

    Turning a 3d Printed Barrel

    I did a demo video of turning a 3d Printed pen barrel. Starts from the printed mold and goes to finished barrel for a Sierra type pen. Video Link: Your comments and questions are certainly welcome.
  10. Rangertrek

    New Designs & Colors

    I have added Red to the color lineup. A few new designs are also available. The new ones are: MD15S, MD16S, and MD17S.
  11. Rangertrek

    Segmenting 3D Printed Molds

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I have a Forum in the Vendors Forums area for 3d Printed molds. Listed under PenBlanks, I will be desiging and selling.
  12. Rangertrek

    Segmented Molds

    A few examples of pens using these molds.
  13. Rangertrek

    Brass tube showing (intentionally)

    I have been experimenting with doing a clear barrel. I tried many ideas and all came out badly, not clear at all. This one came out reasonably well. Black segments with brass tube showing. These are not painted lines, they are segment parts. I did overturn it a bit.
  14. Rangertrek

    Oriental Dragon M3

    I finally decided on what to do with this big fountain pen. The M3 is easy to turn. I wanted to have a high end pen on my web store and this is it. I imagine I will get all kinds of comments about it at my craft shows (4) in April. A friend on IAP told me years ago that "You can't sell it...
  15. Rangertrek

    Polaris Click in Gold

    I am looking for 2 Polaris Click Pens in Gold hardware. Customer wants to match ones she already has. PSI has discontinued the gold. If available, let me know cost and shipping. Thanks.
  16. Rangertrek

    Pen Kits & Blanks from Estate Sales

    JC Pen Kits I purchased pen making supplies from a couple of estate sales in the last few months. This was a bulk buy of boxed supplies, wood, kits, pen boxes, etc. There are more kits, etc. than I can use, so I am selling them at rates similar to to 50+ kit cost or at about 50%+ off...
  17. Rangertrek

    Eccentric Turning Frame

    I bought a Nova DVR 3000 lathe at an estate sale. When I went to pick it up, the lady said the box of chucks, lathe tools, and the "red thing" goes with it. Well, the red thing is a Nova Eccentric Cutting Frame. If anyone knows and more about this tool, let me know.
  18. Rangertrek

    Video Editor Recommendations

    I am starting to do a view videos for pens and other things. Looking for a simple to use video editor that will allow me to have a title intro page, credits page, and some simple editing to cut out parts of video. I am using both a camera and a gopro for the videos. Any recommendations?
  19. Rangertrek

    Southwest Turquoise

    A southwest ballpoint with turquoise dyed box elder.
  20. Rangertrek

    Vintage & Collectables

    Not pen making; but, I thought I would let you know about another site of interest to me. My wife put this together over the last couple of months. She has collectable and vintage items of several types. She would welcome your visit.
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