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  1. hilltopper46

    Yarn Bowls

    Been on a kick of making yarn bowls lately. These two are "olive" ash from a tree that had to come down because of the emerald ash borer. It was in front of our daughters house.
  2. hilltopper46

    Unfinished project completed (birdhouse)

    I was cleaning the shop last Sunday and ran across a Sumac birdhouse body that had a skew runback across it, and I thought, "I think I can get a birdhouse out if that yet." That was the end of the shop cleaning. I completed the body, made a roof from cherry, and the finial and the peg are...
  3. hilltopper46

    Box top, er, the top of the box, er, something

    I've seen pictures of these boxes where the top of the box is a snap top. A lady at church wanted a snap top that I had made, but I wouldn't give it to her because they were made for some kids who had done something special. So I made her this box instead and incorporated the top into it. For...
  4. hilltopper46

    Cleaning out the bins

    My pen turning has really tapered off this year, until a couple weeks ago the only pens I had turned were a custom order of 5 bolt action pens for a fellow that I graduated with from high school. I have a number of kits and blanks in stock, so I decided to go through and make as many of those...
  5. hilltopper46

    Razor, brush and stand set

    Mach 3 razor, brush and stand, in chrome. The stand broke off when I tried to screw it into the piece that presses into the base, so I improvised. Comments are welcome.
  6. hilltopper46

    Mammoth Ivory

    I bought this on a trip to Alaska and the Yukon in 2010. I cut it up as shown in the pictures. I made one pen from it. If you have never worked with this material before I recommend you do not purchase it. You should plan to stabilize the material to reduce its tendency to crack after...
  7. hilltopper46

    Triple-start tap and die set M12x0.8

    Bought on a group buy a few years ago - never used. Specs of tap and die: M12.0 x 0.8P x 2.4L triple start taper-style tap, Standard Class 6H, 4 Flute M12.0 x 0.8P x 2.4L triple start 1" OD Round adjustable die $95 includes shipping in small FR box. Reasonable offer considered.
  8. hilltopper46

    Oldie but goodie - PF pen and pencil in Amboyna Burl

    Perfect Fit pen and pencil set in Amboyna burl. Custom order for a co-worker's Christmas present for her husband.
  9. hilltopper46

    Sea Urchin Ornaments

    Everyone in our family has vacationed or will vacation at the beach in 2015, so I made one of these ornaments for each person in the family. Here are the first one and the last one, out of a total of 5. I've been trying to learn to do finials.:rolleyes:
  10. hilltopper46

    New acrylic from Exotics on a Sierra

    I picked up an order from Exotic Blanks Friday. There was one of their new acrylic blanks in the bag, so I made a pen and here it is. It's nice stuff - turned really easy. Very much like the AA blanks from Berea that most vendors sell, same smell when turning. Nice figure in the blank. It...
  11. hilltopper46

    Celtic pen

    I made this as a gift for a family member. The barrel if from a PSI stablized boxelder burl blank in turquoise. Is the "Celtic Knot" inlay too much, with the clip and the figured blank? Your opinions are solicited. Thanks in advance and thanks for looking.
  12. hilltopper46

    PSI WildCard Pen

    When I saw these in the catalog I immediately thought of a coworker of mine who plays blackjack and poker. I ordered the starter kit and here are two of the three that I have completed. The yellow boxelder burl is just about the prettiest pen blank I have ever turned. The two here are both...
  13. hilltopper46

    Seam ripper necklaces

    Trying to build up inventory for shows this fall. Among the other shows, my daughter talked me into signing up for a quilt show sponsored by her quilting guild. From left to right in the group picture, Genesis blank from Woodturningz, red stabilized hickory and blue stabilized maple from Big...
  14. hilltopper46

    African blackwood and brass

    African blackwood and brass on modified cigar with Titanium Gold plating. CA finish.
  15. hilltopper46

    Two new fountain pens in exotic woods

    Two new fountain pens; Nouveau Sceptre in Amboyna burl and an Art Deco in Afzelia Xylay. Thanks for looking...
  16. hilltopper46

    Curly Koa Cigar

    Two views of the same pen.
  17. hilltopper46

    Spalted / wormy / stabilized pecan on Sierra

    The title says it all. CA finish.
  18. hilltopper46

    Sunday afternoon in the shop

    Not what I had planned for the day. But here we are and the pens are on the way to the engraver. Curly Koa and Molten Metal acrylester.
  19. hilltopper46

    Meeting - May 4

    Dave has a meeting planned for 12:00 noon, May 4 (not May 6 like some notices may have said) at Woodcraft in New Berlin. This is meant to be a "Turn and Learn" meeting with a number of different techniques demo'd and an opportunity for you to try them out under guidance. Bring your questions...
  20. hilltopper46

    Goose call

    Short-reed goose call in black walnut with stainless-steel band and whitetail antler stopper. Hut's "Little Dixie" guts. The antler appeared too thin to use the standard o-rings, so I cut an internal groove in the bore of the wood and used an off-the-shelf o-ring that I purchased at a...
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