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  1. SteveAxelrod

    Cherry Burl Hybrid Desk Set

    I cast the hybrid cherry burl blanks for the pen and letter opener. The pen stand/cup was turned from camphor. Thanks for looking!
  2. SteveAxelrod

    Ocean View Bottle Stopper

    I received a call from the Dunedin Fine Art Center where I sell a lot of my turnings in their "Gallery Shop" saying that a customer wanted to know if I could make a wine bottle stopper to match the colors of the ocean in a painting in the gallery. They emailed me a photo of the painting. How'd I do?
  3. SteveAxelrod


    Antique Brass & Alchemy Antique Pewter & Mountain Smoke
  4. SteveAxelrod

    New Line

    After some requests, I've begun a new line of seam rippers and loom knitting hooks for those with arthritis and carpal tunnel. Their larger profiles should make them easier to use. The seam ripper is 7/8" wide and the loom knitting hooks are 3/4" wide. I need a catchy name for the line. Any...
  5. SteveAxelrod

    Siberian Tiger

    Gun metal & gold Cambridge fountain pen in "Siberian Tiger". Thanks for looking!
  6. SteveAxelrod

    Lava Bright Ripper

    Seam rippers are good sellers probably because they're useful, cheaper than a pen, make a good gift and allow the buyer to purchase something custom made at a relatively low price. This one won't last long.
  7. SteveAxelrod

    Cuban Mahogany Opener

    A quick weekend project - bottle opener handle turned from Cuban Mahogany.
  8. SteveAxelrod

    Art Deco

    A custom order and a quick weekend pen. Chrome Art Deco and Molten Metal. This blank is always a winner and I like how it matches the crystal in the clip.
  9. SteveAxelrod

    Spalted Tamarind On Sculpted Floral Pen & Stand

    Spalted tamarind on a Sculpted Floral pen & matching stand.
  10. SteveAxelrod

    My Pretty Wood Pen

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I found out about the Summer Extravaganza on the last day. Scrambling, a Thuya burl blank was the best I had on hand. I knew it didn't have what it takes to compete in the Pretty Wood contest, but it's still a pretty pen and I'm glad I had an entry. Congrats to...
  11. SteveAxelrod

    Red Burl Ring

    I'm not sure what species of wood this burl came from, but it made a pretty ring!
  12. SteveAxelrod

    The Pens That Didn't Make It

    Sunday I got word that my latest shark vertebra pen made the front page. Checking it out, I noticed the Summer Extravaganza was in play and the deadline was midnight. I went into hyperdrive and managed to enter three pens just before midnight (or so I thought). Now, I will admit that none of...
  13. SteveAxelrod

    Iced Sapphire

    Knurl GT in Iced Sapphire.
  14. SteveAxelrod


    I have no idea why this blank from Exotic Blanks is called "Sovereign", but I like how the colors match this Slimline which I bought when I first started making pens and didn't know any better. :rolleyes: BTW, to the naked eye the pen finish is almost a perfect match to the purple swirl in the...
  15. SteveAxelrod

    Bolt Action & Ocean Obsidian

    Knocked out a bolt action today despite the heat.
  16. SteveAxelrod

    Cherry Burl

    This is a David Broadwell Art Deco twist pen in cherry burl. Thanks for looking!
  17. SteveAxelrod

    New Mica

    I used a new source of mica powder in the casting of these shark vertebra and the colors were not what I was shooting for. Then I spent a couple days trying to get a nice finish and finally resorted to multiple coats of heavy CA glue. I was readily to pitch the dang blanks but decided to wet...
  18. SteveAxelrod

    Artisan Confetti Light

    I bought this Artisan Confetti Light kit from Craft Supplies. One piece of curly maple and a rainy afternoon later...
  19. SteveAxelrod

    Willow Burl

    Jr Statesman in a hybrid casting with willow burl. Before you ask...I didn't cast it myself. If fact, I paid a bit more for this blank than usual and IMHO it was worth it. Anyone else agree?
  20. SteveAxelrod

    Kojent, Pine Cones & Papaya

    I really like the gold and gun metal with this blank and I think the Kojent has some nice styling while being a little less expensive than the rollerballs I usually use.
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