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    SUMMER DISCOUNT CODE - Good Through 7/31/2016

    All of our exotic engineered materials are now available as Pen Rods from our website This includes the materials that we have produced for jewelers for years. Since posting the above image on our Facebook page we have been selling M3 faster than we can make it. Thanks to...
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    Favorite Pen Kit Pairing with M3 Titanium Mokume Pen Rods

    Recently I was asked by a forum member what high end pen kits did I think paired best with the new M3 Titanium Mokume. I thought that my answer might make a good thread for everyone to voice their opinion on what kits they think work best. I should start by saying that I am all about sales, so...
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    1st Contest- Buy 1-Make 1-Get 1 plus over $500 in Prizes

    So here is the deal: Buy any M3 Titanium Mokume Pen Rod from PSI, make any pen you wish with it, post a photo of the finished pen in the "Show Off Your Pens" forum between now and July 1st, 2015 and we will send you another M3 Titanium Mokume Pen Rod free of charge (domestic shipping included, 1...
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    In keeping with tradition, M3 is once again launching its newest innovation for pen turners here on the IAP forum. Eight years ago, some very talented IAP members discovered our first metal pen blanks on eBay and started the discussion here on the IAP. Over the years while we have focused our...
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    M3 Metal Composite Pendant

    One of our customers makes these beautiful pendants using our jewelry grade billets. I am sure that you can get great results from the larger 1"x1"x6" pen blanks and I will try to make some of our larger jewelry grade billets cut down in size available on the forum for any members that want to...
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    M3 Artist Sketch Pencil

    I made this one for one of my sons. The blank is a new one called "M3 Bits&Pieces". What do you think?
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    M3 Black Gold Majestic

    I made this one for myself after I saw one just like it for sale in a local jewelry store. It turns out that I have a couple of customers who are wholesaling these full size M3 Majestic fountain pens to jewelers for around $300 each and the jewelers are retailing them for just under $1000. The...
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    M3 White Mokume Panache

    I made this one as a gift for my 13 year old nephew. I am looking for feedback on the new M3 White Mokume Metal as well as the Panache kit. Mike
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    M3 "Cobaltium Mokume" Sedona & Baron

    When I am not coming up with new pen blanks for or answering your questions about this fascinating new material, I do find some time to turn a few pens myself. Here are 2 pens made out of our newest M3 alloy "Cobaltium Mokume". I selected the Chrome Sedona and the Gold...
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