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  1. Jolly Red

    Tube insertion tool

    I do not like the standard tube insertion tool. When I push in a tube, the tool will often jam into the end of the tube and pull it back out when I remove the tool. It is also difficult to push the tube into the blank to the depth I want, usually involving having to adjust the depth once the...
  2. Jolly Red

    Another band saw sled

    This is the sled I use to cross cut on my bandsaw. It is pretty typical, except it uses T-nuts through the base and a threaded knob to hold the length stop. I can set it to any length quickly, and use the studded knob to hold the stop. To cut a blank to fit a tube, I just set the stop so it...
  3. Jolly Red

    Bolt action tech pen with military decoraton

    This is a PSI Bolt action tech pen in gun metal, The wood is Maple. The ribbon is for the Iraq Campaign Medal, and is wrapped with thread. The finish is epoxy applied after the thread is wrapped.
  4. Jolly Red

    Craft knife

    I made a few of these to give as gifts this Christmas and to sell on my Etsy store. This one is made with white oak and the Excel mechanism. It uses any of the blades that can be used with the Exacto Number 1 handle.
  5. Jolly Red

    Sanding question

    Some time ago, I got a 1" inertia sander from Sorby for their microtools, and recently tried it on some pen projects. It does a great job of sanding, and doesn't leave cross grain scratches on the blanks. I am really terrible at leaving these on my blanks, and this was an agreeable surprise...
  6. Jolly Red

    Hobby knife

    Made this from an Excel Grip-it knife. It has the rear tightening knob, and is made from rosewood.
  7. Jolly Red

    Dart set

    Made this dart set for a lady last week. It has six different military award ribbons on it, each one wrapped with thread. In order to get two ribbons on each dart, I had to make the ribbons slightly less than half their standard size. Then I coated the thread with epoxy, sanded with micro...
  8. Jolly Red

    Pentel pencil

    I made this for my personal use. I made it about a year ago, and it sees frequent use. The wood is oak, and the finish is epoxy over the threads with a topcoat of polyurethane. It uses the PSI Stratus click mechanism, with a gun metal finish. This has the Vietnam ribbon done in thread...
  9. Jolly Red

    Slimline pro with Vietnam campaign ribbon

    I have done a bunch of pens with thread wrapping for decorations. This one is on a Slimline Pro Click pen I have modified to remove the center band. I think this shows off the ribbon better. This one was made for my Brother-in-law, who is a Vietnam Vet. It is made out of mystery wood, with...
  10. Jolly Red

    Lace bobbin with thread decorations

    These are lace bobbins I turned from maple and cherry. The design on the handle is wrapped with thread, much the same way a fishing rod is wrapped for decoration. The finish over the threads is a coat of epoxy applied after wrapping the threads. It has been put on a low speed spinner to make...
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