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  1. dpstudios

    Cheer Exotic Blanks

    About a month ago, over Presidents Day weekend, I placed an order on that Friday. On Sunday I decided to place another order. Knowing that things wouldn't ship until Tuesday I added a note asking if orders could be combined to save on shipping. About an hour later I got an email from Ed saying...
  2. dpstudios

    Trade Dogwood blanks

    I'm looking for some Dogwood blanks. Let me know if you have any and we can workout a trade. Thanks.
  3. dpstudios

    First commissioned pen.

    A couple of weeks ago I got an email from someone who had bought a pen from me that said he wanted another one as a gift for a friend. An all black rollerball. The only black rb that I found was the Caballero from Exotic Blanks...
  4. dpstudios

    Copper Samsara

    I have a buddy who makes copper jewelry and asked me to make him a copper pen. Here is my feeble attempt at it. Got the idea for it out of the library here.Enjoy.
  5. dpstudios

    Who Dat Pen

    My first M3 blank. A tribute to the Saints and their winning ways, so far.
  6. dpstudios

    Aluminum Ribbons

    I haven't seen this done before, so I thought I would try it. Soda can ribbons in LD colored with purple India ink on a Wall Street II. This was basically a proof of concept Thanks for looking and as always C & C's welcome and appreciated. Dan
  7. dpstudios

    Southwest Atrax

    This was a nightmare. Pen barrel is alt. coral. Cap was going to be the same until it blew up on me. Had a piece of TruStone turquoise and some blackwood,so decided to go for the southwest look. Laid out the materials, came up with a design and cut and glued everything up using CA. Drilled on...
  8. dpstudios

    Alt Jade Atrax

    It was slow at work today so I was able to do a little turning.This is one I have been looking forward to building. It's pretty, but not pretty enough for the contest(s). C & c's always welcome. Tanks for looking. Dan
  9. dpstudios

    Atrax in Ebonite

    Finished this one today. Fun stuff to turn, if a bit stinky. C & c's always welcome. Dan
  10. dpstudios

    Three more for the collection

    Just finished 3 new ones. #1- Gunmetal Cigar in Thuya burl. Finished with Dr.s Woodshop Pen Polish. #2- Gunmetal & Gold Nouveau Sceptre in Buffalo horn & TrueStone Lapis. #3 - Chrome & Black Chrome LeRoi v.2 in DiamondCast & Silver. Got this in the shorts deal. Wish te camera did this blank...
  11. dpstudios

    Blanks 6 Lots

    6 lots of blanks for sale. All have been sprinkled with water to show color. Prices include shipping. Lot #1: Spalted Pecan 6 pcs 5 1/2x7/8x7/8 25.00 Sold Lot #2: Purpleheart 6 pcs 6x13/16x13/16 18.00 Lot #3: Figured antique French Walnut 6 pcs 6x13/16x13/16 28.00 Sold Lot #4...
  12. dpstudios

    Broadwell Deco FP in Alt Ivory

    First attempt at segmenting with metal. Broadwell Deco FP in Alt Ivory, Redheart, and aluminum can. Thanks for looking and as always c&c are welcome. Dan Sinistre Pens
  13. dpstudios

    Shaving Set

    My first time trying these , CSUSA components in gun metall dressed in what I think is Wenge. Part of a piece of wood that I got as dunnage from another shipment. Thanks for looking, Dan
  14. dpstudios

    Spalted Pecan

    These are from a tree in the neighborhood that they cut down to build some new houses on the lots. In the way I guess. Grabbed what I could and have been storing them under ny house for the last three years. I think I cut them just in time. Nice spalting and no punk. Blanks measure 7/8" square...
  15. dpstudios


    I've been talking to a potential client the last couple of days and he wants a pen for his wife made of pearls. My idea is to crush the pearls and cast them in resin (LD). My question to the group is this; Has anyone tried this and if so, what were the results? Any and all responses will be...
  16. dpstudios

    Knock, Knock

    Finished this on Friday. Built to match existing door on other half of the shotgun double.
  17. dpstudios

    A Few New Ones, Finished Today

    Just a few that I finished And turned today. Some of the blanks were already turned and needed finishing. My first bunch TBC. No more mandrel for me! 1. Group shot. 2. Cosmopolitans in satin chrome, Stabilized & dyed Buckeye burl from the found box. Bought about 15 yrs ago. Homebrew...
  18. dpstudios

    Returned from the abyss

    Rummaging around last wee, I found an old box of components and blanks from 2003/04. one of the bags within contained a dozen slim-lines. Seeing as I haven't turned one in ages, I thought ,"Why not!" So I turned six. Here are the results. #'s 1&2 are Crushed velvet acrylic(?) #3 Home brew LD...
  19. dpstudios

    10 pack pen stands

    Just thought I would share this deal I saw on Amazon. Single pen stands for $1.10 ea.
  20. dpstudios

    A couple of FPs

    Home brew blanks. Gun metal Vertex, LD with PearlEx Duo violet/brass & turquoise. Chrome Presimo, 1st attempt at a hybrid (casting & turning). LD with blue russet & rose gold PearlEx & 300 yr old French walnut burl. I'm new to casting and the first one is my favorite so far. More & better...
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