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    Assorted Pen Kits

    ---SOLD---- The following pen kits are available: (1) Cigar kit - Gun metal - $5 ea (2) Cigar kit - PSI 24kt gold & gun metal - $6 ea (2) Cigar kit - Satin nickel - $5 ea (2) Cigar kit - Bright copper - $5 ea (3) Gatsby style kit - Gun metal & chrome - $5 ea (1) Jr Gent fountain pen kit - gun...
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    Assorted Pen Kits & Blanks

    This Lot for $75 shipped in US. - SOLD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sienna Twist Pen - Rhodium - $7 Monarch - Gun Metal & Gold w/ crosses on centerband - $7 Wall St. II/...
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    ISO of JoWo 14kt Gold, size 5 Fine tip Nib

    I am looking for a JoWo 14kt gold size 5 nib with a fine tip. Fountain Pen Nibs is currently out of stock. Does anyone have one for sale? Thank you, Karl
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    Cigar Pen Kits - For Sale

    SOLD pending payment. Cleaning out some extra cigar kits from Berea Hardwoods/ Woodcraft ... 1. Cigar Pen - 24 kt Gold - 5 available $7.50 ea + shipping 2. Ultra Cigar Pen - Chrome/ Satin Chrome - 6 available $12 ea +shipping 3. Ultra Cigar Pen - Gold w/ chrome - 3 available $12 ea +...
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    Assorted Pen Kit Lots...

    Lot 1- (10) PSI Trimline kits - 24kt gold - $20 shipped in US - SOLD! ________________________________________________ Lot 2 - (2) Woodcraft Gold Filigree ballpoint pen kits - SOLD! (4) PSI Rhodium Filigree ballpoint pen kits $30 shipped in US...
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    Slimline & Pocket Purse Pen Kits For Sale - 3 Lots

    Lot 2 includes 6 Pocket purse pen kits in chrome from Berea Hardwoods. This lot is $21 shipped in US. - Still Available - New low price!!! - Sold _______________________________________________________________ Sold Items Below Lot 1 includes the following 25 Slimline pen kits (from PSI &...
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    Wood Pen Blank Grab Bag Assortment

    I have been cleaning out the shop and have more blanks than I can use...Here is an opportunity for you to get a grab bag of nice blanks for: $25 for 20 assorted blanks including shipping in a SFRB. or $65 for 100 blanks including shipping in a MFRB. Shipping in US only Blanks may...
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    Pen Kits - 2 Lots

    --------SOLD------- Lot A: 10 Chrome Cigar Pen kits (from The Classic Nib) $60 shipped in US Lot B: 10 Ellipse Pen kits (Chrome & Gun Metal) $50 shipped in US Buy both Lots for $105 shipped in US ------SOLD-------
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    Monarch Pen Kits (9)

    9 Monarch pen kits with platinum & black titanium hardware. $85 for lot - includes shipping in US. Please post here and send PM. Thank you.
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    Shark on Jr. Statesman

    This Jr. Statesman RB features shark vertebrae cast in alumilite. I really like the geometric design of the vertebrae.
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    These desk pens were made with real wooden golf club heads. The pens are rollerball pens with Hickory blanks - straight grain, cross cut and curly.
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    Tried a Pair of Realistic Cigar Pens...

    I finally tried making some realistic cigar pens...I used the tutorial by Woodbutcher, which was quite helpful. The wood is Granadillo and the components used were from Panache kits. These were fun to make.
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    PSI Pen Press

    Used PSI pen press. Works great $26 to your door( in US) SOLD!
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    Pen & Pencil Kits For Sale

    The following kits are available: 1. Rockler Tool Box Pencil kits - Chrome - 2 available $5 each - SOLD 2. Roman Harvest fountain pen kits - gold tn - 2 available $18 each - SOLD 3. Cambridge Hybrid rollerball kits - gold tn with rhodium accents...
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    #5 Bock Two Tone Fine Nib

    Looking for a #5 Bock 2-tone fine nib. Please let me know if you have one available. Thank you
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    Caballero Rollerball Kits

    6 Rhodium Caballero rollerball kits 2 Chrome w/ black chrome Caballero rollerball kits 8 kits total for $65 shipped in US.
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    Mini Keychain Pen Kits - Sold as Lot

    SOLD! were too late! I am offering 1 lot which includes: 10 each 24kt Gold Mini Keychain Pen Kits from PSI (PKMINI) 8 each Chrome Mini Keychain Pen Kits from PSI (PKMINICH) 2 each Keychain light kits Total of 20 kits Offered for $60 shipped in US. ( $3 each which is 20% less...
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    Jameson Whiskey Barrel Pen Blank or 2

    In search of 1 or 2 Jameson Whiskey barrel pen blanks. Thank you,
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    HP 96 & 97 Combo Pack of Printer Cartridges

    I have an unused combo pack of HP 96 (black) and 97 (Tri-color) printer cartridges that I would like to sell for $50 or trade for pen kits or burl woods. The cartridges are factory sealed in the original box. The expiration date is July, 2017. Let's make a deal...
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    Resin Saver Molds for Patriot or Sierra Blanks

    I want to get some Patriot and Sierra series resin saver molds. Does anyone have some that they are no longer using and would interested in selling? Thank you, Karl
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