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  1. Jolly Red

    This is a multicolored plywood bowl with a walnut finial on the lid.

    I like it. Just sitting there it looks to be spinning at 1,000 rpm.o_O
  2. Jolly Red


    I have had one of the PSI mini chucks for several years. I don't use it a lot, but it comes in handy for small projects. Mine has the tommy bars, and I can't imagine putting enough pressure on them to cause them to break. These small projects just don't need that kind of pressure. If one did...
  3. Jolly Red

    7mm Transmission too loose (but not the press fitting)

    Take out the transmission and replace it. Spares are available online, and may be useful later, also.
  4. Jolly Red

    Penn State sander

    I generally glue in the tube then turn between centers so the outside of the blank is parallel to the tube. Then I sand the ends square, and am assured that the ends will be square to the tube. This also reduces the amount of sanding required, since I find sanding to be incredibly boring.
  5. Jolly Red

    Well... that's a kick in the n**s

    That's tough luck. Just wondering, though. Since epoxy is two part and doesn't start curing till both parts are mixed, why do you need to cap it? Just set it so the epoxy doesn't flow out of the tubes and it should be good for a long time.
  6. Jolly Red

    Coloring Epoxy

    I have dyed epoxy black with India ink. I did not have any problems with the epoxy curing. I know people who have used craft acrylic paints to color it. The secret seems to be to not use too much of the colorant.
  7. Jolly Red

    Acceptable runout for lathe chuck?

    If your chuck is not seating against the headstock, that could cause it to run out of true. I had the same issue when I got a Beal collet chuck, lots of run out. Turned out, the chuck was not seating against the headstock. I tried several things to fill the gap and finally found an S.A.E...
  8. Jolly Red

    What would YOU like to ask!!

    His books were some of the first learning tools I had in wood turning. Is he going to write any more?
  9. Jolly Red

    One way drill wizard - cross drilling

    If you check on David Reed Smith's site, he shows how to make a drill guide that fits in the banjo. Since you make it yourself, it can have any size post.
  10. Jolly Red

    Well uh, just look. :)

    Who carries the kit?
  11. Jolly Red

    My first at Bone turning

    Nice looking pens. But I think that is deer antler, not bone. Still a good material to work with. Bone would be hard to find in the thickness to make a pen, it would have to come from a very large animal, such as NewfoundLaw's whale.
  12. Jolly Red

    Brand New Nova Comet II Tripping GFCI

    If the other plugs "downstream" from that GFCI are regular plugs, you could switch the next plug with the GFCI and not have to worry about it. Don't know if this is acceptable to your electric code, so be sure to check that out.
  13. Jolly Red

    Newbie questions #2

    One way to reduce vibration is to change the speed of the lathe; sometimes faster, sometimes slower will work If that doesn't do it, then reach under the tool rest with a finger and press against the back of the blank. This will give additional support and can reduce or eliminate vibration...
  14. Jolly Red

    Non-kit specific TBC bushings?

    PSI has a turn between center mandrel which consists of a headstock drive center and a tailstock live center which have short 7 mm mandrels sticking out of them. The regular bushings can be used with these, and they do away with the use of the cone centers. I have a set of these, and have made...
  15. Jolly Red

    Cutting tubes

    I cut them slightly long with my pen blank cutting jig on the bandsaw, then use a squaring jig on the sander to square the end and get to the final size. Then i use a chamfering/reaming tool I got which is used for trimming bullet casings for refillers. I also use it after squaring the blank...
  16. Jolly Red

    click mechanism

    Give PSI's service department a call, they don't reply to emails. They carry some replacement parts, and this is the only way to contact them for the parts.
  17. Jolly Red

    How do ya'll screw in screws with limited clearance

    I pre-drill for the screw, then use a tool with prongs for holding jewels to get a turn or two on the screw. Then I use jewelers screwdrivers to finish turning in the screw. A little wax on the screw helps also.
  18. Jolly Red

    Band Saw Sled

    I posted a sled I made for my bandsaw some time ago. This is a link to the post. It might give you an idea for the stop on yours.
  19. Jolly Red

    Styles of Pens we Make

    Thread wrapping on bare tubes. Thread wrapping on turned blanks.
  20. Jolly Red

    Baby Cradle for first granddaughter

    Looks professional enough to me. Besides, I doubt your granddaughter will complain about it too much.
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