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  1. hilltopper46

    "" will be down for a couple hours

    I like that you can filter by price, but it's frustrating to use that feature because, when I see a style I want to read about and click on it, after I am finished, when I hit the back button, it resets to the full list of ballpoint pens. The filter still shows, but the full list is displayed...
  2. hilltopper46

    Found a drill pls

    That lever on the left side that is pointing up is a quill lock. Loosen it a turn and see if it frees things up.
  3. hilltopper46

    Farm kit

    Depends on what the farmer plans to put in the pen, cows, pigs or chickens. (Sorry, I couldn't resist) :D :p:rolleyes:
  4. hilltopper46

    We're BACK! - Check In

    Well.... this will take some getting accustomed to..... in a good way!! :):) I'm really, REALLY liking the ability to scroll through photos!! :D
  5. hilltopper46

    Rest In Peace David

    I'm sorry to read this as well. We did a little business a few years ago and he was an upstanding gentleman.
  6. hilltopper46

    Hello from WI

    Welcome, from East Troy.
  7. hilltopper46

    Wooden Spatula - How to

    Thanks for sharing this!!
  8. hilltopper46

    Cigar problems

    If one mixed up the upper and lower tubes this might result - the longer tube should be the bottom barrel and the short ube should be the upper barrel. I have made a lot of cigar pens over the years (99% Berea) and I think one time the inner tube that is part of the upper finial assembly fell...
  9. hilltopper46

    Thula burl

    I made several pens from Thuya burl about 10 years ago. I wet sanded with denatured alcohol to resolve the sandpaper clogging issue. I set the blanks aside to dry overnight and then used a CA finish successfully.
  10. hilltopper46

    Yarn Bowls

    The left on is 5.5 inches diameter and 4.5 inches high. The right one is 5.75 inches diameter and 3.25 inches high.
  11. hilltopper46

    Yarn Bowls

    Been on a kick of making yarn bowls lately. These two are "olive" ash from a tree that had to come down because of the emerald ash borer. It was in front of our daughters house.
  12. hilltopper46

    Help with blank drilling alignment

    My 2 cents: 1. Make sure your bit is sharp. I can't over emphasize this. 2. Make sure the end of the blank is square and put a dimple in it to start the bit (or use a centering bit). 3. When the bit first touches the wood, s-l-o-w-l-y advance it until the tapered portion on the end of the bit...
  13. hilltopper46

    My First "Public" Pen

    Nicely done!!.
  14. hilltopper46

    Mack Cameron

    I'm sorry to hear of this - Mack was one of the good guys.
  15. hilltopper46

    Unfinished project completed (birdhouse)

    Thanks for the really kind comments, everyone.
  16. hilltopper46

    Unfinished project completed (birdhouse)

    I was cleaning the shop last Sunday and ran across a Sumac birdhouse body that had a skew runback across it, and I thought, "I think I can get a birdhouse out if that yet." That was the end of the shop cleaning. I completed the body, made a roof from cherry, and the finial and the peg are...
  17. hilltopper46

    Domestic deliberations

    I bought a portable generator about 17 years ago when we lived in a house with a grinder pump. It's worked like a charm - it ran about 6 hours one day when we were having the house we lived in at the time upgraded to 200 amp service. It's been over 10 years since it ran - I should gas it up...
  18. hilltopper46

    Box top, er, the top of the box, er, something

    I've seen pictures of these boxes where the top of the box is a snap top. A lady at church wanted a snap top that I had made, but I wouldn't give it to her because they were made for some kids who had done something special. So I made her this box instead and incorporated the top into it. For...
  19. hilltopper46

    Hand Carved Tray

    Everything about this tray is great. I think that the use of an actual leaf for the pattern is the best part.
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