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  1. Ligget

    Cheer Slabsblanksandboards

    Ordered blanks from Slabsblanksandboards, great service, cool blanks and quickly posted, thank you!! :smile:
  2. Ligget

    Cheer Woodturningz

    Recently ordered from Woodturningz, excellent service and quickly posted, thank you!! :smile:
  3. Ligget

    Some new pens...

    Hello from bonnie Scotland, here are a few of my latest pens that I wanted to share with my online family. Lots of pictures!! :eek: :biggrin: First is a camo blank on a .308 casing with chrome Streamline hardware. Second is a masonic clip on a gun metal Streamline, Acacia wood an CA...
  4. Ligget

    Need PDF help....

    Hi folks, I need a little help from my extended online family here at the IAP. :smile: The day centre I go to prints out a bi-monthly newsletter which is roughly 40 - 50 pages thick, these are mostly Word, Excel and various other Microsoft Works applications, we use Windows xp and Vista...
  5. Ligget

    Latest work..

    Hi folks, I have not posted any of my work for a few months so here are some of my latest creations. First up is a home dyed Box Elder Burl Sierra click with a CA finish.... Second is a Jr Gent, home dyed Curly Maple and a CA finish.... Third pen is a Baron, Thuya Burl with a customer...
  6. Ligget

    Funny dream..

    Last night I had this amazing dream, I dreamt that I was eating a giant 10lb marshmallow. When I woke up this morning one of my pillows was missing! Burp.......:redface: :biggrin:
  7. Ligget

    Wedding pen.

    Hi folks, I have not been making many pens recently due to health issues but getting back on track now, thankfully! :biggrin: One of the female staff at the day centre I attend is getting married and as she loves my pens I promised to make her one to sign the wedding register with. Hope she...
  8. Ligget

    My latest pens.....

    Hi Folks, here are my latest pens that I want to share with my online family, comments welcome! :smile: 1. Elegant Beauty in black titanium with Rosewood Burl (Gary Max), CA finish. 2. Streamline in chrome with Tru-Stone (R & B Crafts). 3. Streamline in chrome with Tru-Stone (R & B Crafts). 4...
  9. Ligget

    My latest work..

    Hi folks Here are a couple of pens I have just finished and thought I would show them to you all, as always comments are appreciated! :smile: First is a gold titanium Baron with "Amalgam-Mutt" blank from ElMostro and finished with CA. Second pen is a chrome Streamline with a Tru Stone...
  10. Ligget

    A `smokin` Cigar...

    Here is my latest pen, hot off my DVR, made from a gorgeous piece of Cocobolo and wearing 5 coats of CA, chrome hardware. I like it very much but what do my online family think? Comments welcome! :smile:
  11. Ligget

    New Churchill..

    Here is a dyed Box Elder Burl (BEB) Churchill with chrome plating, CA finish. Comments welcome, thanks for looking! :smile-big:
  12. Ligget

    Looking for help....

    Hi folks I have a customer who is looking for something I have no idea how to make, he loves the colours in Azul copper but I can only find it in a vaneer form. Would it be possible to turn down copper tubes then chemically treat it to create the sort of change he loves? Sample below of...
  13. Ligget

    A happy customer....

    Hello folks, I wanted to share this pen with you all, it is an order from one of the staff at the day centre I attend. She wanted a click pen with brown wood, so I made this Sierra Click for her, two-tone titanium hardware (black & gold), Rosewood burl from Gary Max with a CA finish. :cool...
  14. Ligget

    Two Long Clicks

    Hi folks, here are two Long Click ballpoint pens that I wanted to share with you all, both are gold titanium and have acrylic bodies, the blanks were bought on this forum ages ago but I wish I had bought more! :frown: Thanks for looking and comments are very welcome! :smile:
  15. Ligget

    Italian set.....

    Hello folks, I thought it was time to post some of my recent work, first is an order from an English guy who has an Italian girlfriend, these were made to his specifications. Chrome Baron rollerball and fountain pen, mainly dyed Box Elder Burl with more dye added. The Italian flag is dyed...
  16. Ligget

    Some new pens

    Hi lads and lassies, here are 4 new pens that I want to share with you all, comments welcome. :smile: Three Elegant Beauties, two are acrylic and one is Rose Myrtle Burl with CA finish, last but not least is a Rhodium European Filigree with solid black acrylic, I think it looks real classy!:smile:
  17. Ligget

    A couple of Beauties..

    Hi lads and lassies, straight from the workshop of Ligget Pen Works here are a couple of pens that I want to share with you all. They are of course Elegant Beauties both have black titanium hardware and acrylic barrels, comments welcome!:smile:
  18. Ligget

    Three Barons

    Hi everyone, here are 3 Barons that I recently finished, thought I would share with my online family here at the IAP. The second acrylic is actually purple but the camera or me makes it look blue, unfortunately..:confused: All are acrylic, 2 are gold titanium and the other is black titanium...
  19. Ligget

    My first Stretch pen..

    Here is the first Stretch pen I have made, metalwork is gold titanium the wood is English Yew and the finish is CA, comments welcome!:smile:
  20. Ligget

    Two more finished..

    Hi lads and lassies, here are two more pens straight off my DVR. First up is a Cigar made from a blank cast by our UK member Mervyn Cadman, it is beautiful, mainly black with light grey smoke like swirls, chrome hardware. Second pen is made from carbon-fibre cast blanks bought from our US...
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